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Gainesville-area Girl Scout sets record in Good Turn for Goodwill

A Gainesville-area Girl Scout bagged up hundreds of donations as part of the Good Turn for Goodwill program

Kalia Bernis collected 329 bags of donated items to help Goodwill fulfill its mission. 

All participants in the program were in the running for a variety of service patches, a service champion rocker, a pizza party and a St. Augustine Alligator Farm family 4-pack, plus gift certificates and other recognition.

Boy Scouts also participated in the collection drive.

To put the scouts’ efforts into perspective, Director of Marketing Tracy Collins led participants on a tour of Goodwill’s facilities.

“We had four groups come through, and it was a great learning experience,” Collins said in Goodwill’s “Bootstraps” publication. “It’s one thing when someone explains Goodwill’s mission to you. But when you see it for yourself, everything fits together.”

Seventy-five Girl Scout troop participated in the donation drive, collecting 4,465 bags of donated items.