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Outcome Studies

Annual Outcomes Studies provide insight into the effectiveness of the Girl Scout Leadership Program.

Each year, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council surveys girls from across the council to determine changes in their attitudes and perceptions of themselves and their Girl Scout experience. The information helps us understand how we are helping to make a positive impact on the healthy development of girls, and where we may have room for improvement in helping girls achieve positive outcomes. 

A two part survey, the first half is given in the fall, and the second half March - May.  Troops from every service unit and every age level participate by invitation.  It is critical that we have good participation. We use the results to answer questions for our funders, to gauge how well the Girl Scout Leadership Program is serving girls, and to define areas in need of improvement.  We can’t wait to hear from girls in the second half of the survey and share the full results of the 2013-2014 Outcomes Survey with you.

Until then, here are a few things we learned from the first half of the outcomes survey from this fall:

The girls’ strengths


88% of girls felt they have confidence in themselves and their abilities, feel they are able to achieve their goals, and form positive gender, social, and cultural identities. (Discover 1)



85% of girls felt that they have learned to think and act in a way that promotes an inclusive environment, respecting and valuing diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and life experiences. (Connect4)



83% of girls feel empowered to use their leadership skills to effect change in their lives and their world and feel their contributions are valued in the larger community. (Take Action 5)


Where we have room to improve


55% of the girls felt that they have gained practical life skills related to practicing healthy living. (Discover 3)


63% of girls learned to identify issues in their local and global communities and come up with realistic possibilities for action. (Take Action 1)



70% of girls felt they can use their knowledge and skills to set up and implement creative and effective “action plans,” locate tools and resources they need, and know when, where, and how to enlist help from others. (Take Action 2)