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Summer Camp

Camp life is the best life!
Ready for an ALL NEW camp experience?! Join us this summer at Camp Kateri and North Fork! 

Girls will learn all the best outdoor skills like canoeing, kayaking and fire building — plus favorite activities like crafts and cooking over an open fire while gazing at the stars.

Find your spark in the great outdoors! Registration opens soon!

Who can come to camp?

Camp Kateri is Summer Resident Camp open for ALL GIRLS who are already Girl Scout members and girls who are not.

Please note: A current physical from a doctor is required to attend camp. Sports physicals are accepted. The physical must be less than one year old to be valid.

Is she ready for camp?

If your daughter has never spent the night away from home, you may want to start her with a day camp or a short stay such as 1 or 2 nights at resident camp. After that, she can progress into whatever length of camp she desires.

Although age is one factor in readiness for resident camp, a child’s maturity level and personality are more important indicators. Talk to your child. If she is enthusiastic about attending, she will probably enjoy camp. The following questions may help in determining readiness for resident camp.

  • Has your daughter ever been away from home for more than one night without family members?
  • Can she keep up with her personal belongings?
  • Can she take care of her own basic hygiene needs such as showering, toileting, and brushing her teeth without assistance?
  • Can she cope with unfamiliar people, new places, and group schedules?
  • Does she enjoy making new friends?
  • Does she like group situations?
  • Does she enjoy being outdoors? Can she see mosquitos, bugs, or other “nature” friends without being frightened?
Am I ready for my daughter to attend Resident Camp?

Parents and guardians sometimes have a difficult time sending their daughters to resident camp. The following questions will help in your decision making.

  • Can you relax and enjoy yourself when your girl sleeps overnight away from home?
  • Are you prepared to be away from your daughter for several days?
  • Are you willing to have your daughter participate in camp kapers (chores) such as setting tables, cleaning the cabin, sweeping, picking up trash, and cleaning the bathroom?
  • Are you confident in your daughter’s ability to take care of herself, make her own bed, and keep track of her own belongings?
  • Do you believe that camp provides girls with a fun and rewarding experience that builds self-worth and independence?
  • Are you willing to trust the camp staff with the care of your daughter?

Meet the camp director

Jamie photo

Hi, I’m Jamie! Although this is my first summer at Camp Kateri, I’m not new to camp! I am so excited to share with you all new games, songs and activities — while still keeping Camp Kateri’s traditions, which make camp, CAMP! My favorite thing about camp is watching girls experience something new for the first time they could never do at home!

Come play detective, learn a new survival skill or test your hide-n-seek talents – I know you’re gonna love it! See you soon!