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Camp Activities

2016 Summer Resident Camp / Friends, Fun, and Mad Skills!
The true value of resident camp runs much deep. All camp activities are designed to help the girls develop strong relationships (Friends), build confidence through personal growth (Mad Skills!), while - of course - enjoying the whole camp experience (Fun). 

And, as with all Girl Scout programs, the Camp Kateri mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

2016 Programs
Campers have a lot of great choices at Camp Kateri, including two levels of Counselor-in-Training (CIT) programs and 6 different weekly themes. The 6 weekly themes include the option for girls to either earn an official Girl Scout Skill Building Badge (3 choices) or simply enjoy a fun camp theme (3 choices). 

Badge Work
For girls who are would like to earn an official Girl Scout Skill Building Badge this summer, we offer:

  • Behold the Great Outdoors (Week 1 / June 12-17) to earn an Outdoors Badge
  • What is Life but a Great Adventure?  (Week 3 / June 26-July 1) to earn an Adventure Badge
  • Aren’t YOU Quite the Crafty One? (Week 5 / July 10-15) to earn a Crafts Badge. 

In addition to the Skill Building Badge work, campers who attend these sessions will ALSO enjoy the traditional resident camp favorites, including canoeing, kayaking, archery, free swim, crafts, campfires, songs, camp dance, etc.

The 2016 fun themes include:

  • Around the World (Week 2 / June 19-24) for a cosmopolitanly good time.
  • Everyday is a Celebration (Week 4 / July 5-8) enjoy a new holiday every day.
  • Kateribean (Week 6 / July 17-22) for swashbuckling piratical fun. 

These themes will be interwoven into traditional camp activities, which include canoeing, kayaking, archery, free swim, songs, crafts, campfires, camp dance, etc.

A perennial camp favorite (even before Katniss)! Campers learn proper safety and shooting technique, then practice their newfound skills in fun activities like target practice, tic-tac-toe, and balloon pop!

Canoeing and Kayaking
These paddling sports are some of resident camp’s quintessential activities. Once campers have mastered paddling techniques, our small-craft instructors turn the fun up even higher with relays, floating lunches and more.

Free swim is a great way to cool off, socialize, and stay fit. After taking a swim test at the beginning of the week, campers swim every afternoon and play water games. On the beach, they can build castles before heading back to the water!

Arts and Crafts
Another classic of summer camp activities, crafts are a favorite camp pastime. It’s a nice chance for the girls to slow down, relax, and socialize. Our most popular activities include making lanyards, tie-dying, and painting.

Outdoor Skills
Where else but camp can today’s young women learn how to pitch tents, build a fire, tie knots, do outdoor cooking, etc.? Once they’re mastered these camping basics, they’ll be ready to transfer their love for camping into a year-round, lifelong passion for the great outdoors.

Camp Dance
We’re trying something exciting and fun this year!  Each week will include a whole-camp dance based on the weekly theme. It’s your chance to cut loose and be as silly and energetic as you like. To hone your boogie edge, campers are encouraged to listen to Bee Gees vinyl albums before arriving. What?!  You’ve neither heard of the Bee Gees nor ever seen a vinyl record?!! Well, no problem, just come ready to dance while I recover from this incredible lapse in your cultural education.

So, are YOU ready for a summer of Friends, Fun, and Mad Skills?!! 

(Of course you are, I was being rhetorical.) 

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