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Troop Camping

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure? Camping is key (and fun!) component of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and troop camping provides an easy way for girls and volunteers to experience the great outdoors. 

Troop camp provides a great bonding opportunity as girls build campfires, go boating, practice archery, experience hiking, do arts and crafts — and so much more!

Gateway Council's four properties are available throughout the year for troops to experience camping in a variety ways, with activities appropriate for all levels.

Requirements for troop camping
• At least one Basic Troop Camp certified adult.
• At least one First Aid/CPR/AED certified adult.
• At least one Basic Water Rescue certified adult, if planning to be in or around water.
• A lifeguard, if swimming.
• A kayak/canoe/sailing instructor if kayaking, canoeing or sailing.
• An archery instructor, if archering.
• A health form for each person.

Note: Different adults must fill each required role, e.g., the camp-certified adult and the first aid-certified adult may not be the same person.


North Fork Leadership Center

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Fernandina Beach Little House

Troop camp prices
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Prices apply only to Gateway Council troops. Troops outside Gateway Council can call us at (904) 388-4653 or email for reservations.