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Fall Product Program


Fall Product in a Nutshell

The 2015 Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored program that enables Girl Scout Troops to earn funds at the beginning of the Girl Scout year. This program is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, where girls gain experience with the five skills linked to leadership and financial literacy: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. It is designed to introduce or enhance the five skills to our girls and get everyone prepared for the cookie program. 

This year’s theme is “Be Spotacular! Reach New Heights!” Our new mascot is Gabi the Giraffe and she is looking forward to becoming part of your family!

Funding & Rewards

The Fall Product Sale provides essential funding for council sponsored girl programs, so it is very important that everyone participates.

Every girl that participates has the opportunity to earn awesome rewards while supporting Girl Scout programs. It enables the troops to earn funds for their early year girl-planned activities such as community projects, craft needs and holiday functions.

Troop proceeds are calculated on Total Sales for all participating girls in each Troop.  This includes the Nuts & Candy Order Card, Paper Magazine Order Forms and ALL Online Sales. Troops will earn 10% for every order submitted by October 20th.  Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Troops may “Opt Out” of receiving Girl Rewards in exchange for higher Troop proceeds. Troops that “Opt Out” will receive 12% proceeds on their Total Sales. Troops that choose this option will be eligible to receive the Troop Rewards and each girl will be eligible for patches. Please ensure that the decision to “Opt Out” is a unanimous decision among all girl members of the Troop. A signed Opt Out Consent Form will need to be submitted to the Community Product Sales Manager (CPSM) with the Troop’s final paperwork. Please note that the CPSMs will be unable to accept these forms after October 21.

Online Selling

The QSP/Nut Online Program allows girls to take nuts/candy items, magazines and photo keepsake orders by sending emails to family and friends. We encourage girls to send emails the first week of the program to allow time for their customers to order prior to the end of the program to qualify for girl rewards and troop proceeds. This easy and carefree way of participating in the program enables the girls to learn valuable marketing and technical skills.

To participate in selling online of the Fall Product Program, caregivers are asked to visit to set up an online account.  After registering an online account, girls are able to immediately invite friends and family to their online store where they may purchase magazines, photo keepsakes, and the full variety (25) of nuts/candy items; along with several corporate gift items.

This year individual girls may participate in the online sale (even if their Troop does not). Please contact for additional details.

Treats for Troops

Each $5 donation will send a donation to a member of the military. Buyers may choose to send a can of nuts or put their $5 donation towards a magazine subscription. Girls will earn a Share Patch for selling five military nut orders or magazine vouchers. It’s super easy to do and the troop will still earn proceeds on every donation and our vendor handles the order fulfillment and distribution to the military.

New this year!

A new part of the QSP/Nut Online Program is the MyCreation™ custom mascot.  Girls and adults can create their very own giraffe mascot image for their online message. The MyCreation™ mascot will be complied with the others from their Troop to create a MyTroopCreation™ photo.

Girls who create a MyCreation™ custom mascot and reach $125 in combined online Nut & Candy/Magazine Keepsake sales will receive a custom patch with their MyCreation™ image, name and program date. An email from QSP/GAO is automatically generated informing the caregiver that their girl has earned this special patch.      

Now-Oct. 20              Online participation
Sept. 11-Oct. 18 Door-to-door sales
Oct. 19-20 Collect girl orders & payments, deposit all money owed except troop proceeds
Oct. 20 All orders & rewards due in Nut-e (by midnight)
Oct. 21 Submit paperwork to CPSM
Oct. 22 Deadline to submit Nut-e discrepancies to CPSM
Nov. 17-20 Product & reward delivery to troops
Nov. 17-25 Product delivery to customers

Fall Products at a Glance

We offer a variety of products that can be purchased either directly from a participating Girl Scout or using her online website.  The nuts/candy order card that the girls use to sell directly to the consumer provides 16 choices ranging in price from $5 to $9.  The girls also sell magazine subscriptions directly to the consumer.  You may choose to purchase new subscriptions or renew existing subscriptions.

The online feature offers additional options to the consumers.  Ashdon Farms produces additional nuts/candy varieties for the Girl Scouts and every variety (30 in all) is available online.  This includes your favorites like Dulce De Leche Owls, Pistachios, Macadamia Nuts, and the Gourmet Caramel Corn with Almonds and Pecans.  In addition, consumers may purchase an array of photo keepsakes that make great gifts.  The online store also provides additional magazine choices.

Participation Guidelines

Interested in participating in the Fall Product Program? Troops will need to attend a Fall Product training class and complete a Troop Product Sales Manager Agreement. Girls and caregivers must complete the 2015/2016 Product Program Participation Agreement and review the 2015 Fall Product Program Caregiver Guide.