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For Sellers and Volunteers

Interested in participating in the Fall Product Program? Troops will need to:
• Attend Fall Product Training.
• Complete a Troop Product Sales Manager Agreement.
• Complete the 2017-18 Product Program Participation Agreement (girls and caregivers).
• Review the 2017 Fall Product Program Caregiver Guide.
• Read the Fall Product Program FAQs for answers to common questions.

Important dates

Now-Oct. 17 — Online Participation
Sept. 15-Oct. 15 — In-Person Sales
Oct. 16-17 — Collect girl orders and payments; deposit all money owed except troop proceeds
Oct. 17 — All orders and rewards due in Nut-e by midnight
Oct. 18 — Submit paperwork to CPSM
Oct. 19 — Deadline to submit Nut-e discrepancies to CPSM (all orders/rewards are final)
Nov. 13-17 — Product and reward delivery to troops
Nov. 13-22 — Product delivery to customers

Other forms & documents

Fall Product Opt Out Consent Form (Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts only)


Online Participation

Mags and Nuts

The Magazines, Nuts, and Candy Online Program allows girls to take orders for nuts or candy items, magazines and photo keepsake by sending emails to family and friends. Girls are encouraged to send emails the first week of the Fall Product Program to allow time for their customers to order. Girls’ online sales count toward their rewards and troop proceeds, and girls can learn valuable digital marketing skills when they participate in the online portion of the program.

To participate in selling Fall Product online, caregivers are asked to visit to set up an account. After registering, girls may customize their website and invite friends and family to shop their online store of magazines, photo keepsakes, and the full variety of nuts, candy and specialty items.

Individual girls may participate in the online sale even if their troop does not. Please contact for details on individual girl participation.



Every girl and troop that participates in the Fall Product Program has the opportunity to earn exciting rewards while supporting Girl Scout programs and becoming experts in the five skills. Troops can get a head start on funding this year’s activities while earning credits for a troop camping experience* at one of our camp properties or even earn a free certification class* for specific classes offered by Girl Scouts of Gateway Council.

* Expiration dates apply for troop camp credits and class certificates.

Design Your Own Patch!


A favorite incentive of the online program is the MyCreation™ custom mascot, which allows girls — and adults — to create their very own mascot to share their online message.

New this year, each girl’s mascot will be combined with others from her troop for a MyTroopCreation™ photo.

When girls reach $150 in online sales, they’ll earn a special patch featuring their custom mascot, their name and the program date! An email from the vendor will alert caregivers when their girl has reached this goal.

A troop volunteer can also earn this patch when their troop reaches $350 in online sales. An email from the vendor will alert the volunteer when they have earned this patch. 

59 Minute Quick Start

59 minute Quick Start

59 Minute Quick Start is an easy way to supercharge your troop's early start-up funds! Girls talk on the phone with friends and family and earn money at the same time. It's fun! It's easy! And it only takes 59 Minutes! 


WHY IT WORKS (See for yourself at
• It’s quick! Just 59 Minutes!
• The excitement is contagious.
• Girls learn from each other in the troop.
• Everyone participates.
• The product choice makes it easy to say yes! Everyone gets and loves magazines.
• Friends and family love talking with their favorite Girl Scout on the phone. 

Before the event
• Distribute the Friends & Family to Contact list to the girls.
• Have the girls complete the list and bring it to your event.
• Instruct the girls to bring cell phones and chargers.
• Consider providing pizza or ice cream sundaes, emphasizing fun and excitement.

At the event
• Instruct the girls to log in to the QSP/Nut Online Program. n Next they will click on the Text & Share tool and follow the instructions.
• The Text & Share tool will send them a text with a link they will forward to supporters who wish to purchase.
• Girls will be calling friends and family and sharing how supporters can help them reach their goal by purchasing Magazine Gift Cards using the Phone Script provided. 

Download these resources for your own 59 Minute Quick Start event!
Quick Start Guide for Troops
Quick Start Tools for Girls