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Educate & Inspire Gold Award Presentations

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Sat Feb 25, 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Jacksonville Service Center

As part of the final approval process, the new Educate & Inspire Presentations will give girls, at the completion of their Gold Award projects, a vehicle to share their success and enthusiasm for their project in the final step #7, Educate and Inspire. 

This is your opportunity to shine and present your completed project for final approval.   The Educate & Inspire Presentations will be held 4 times a year, so a presentation appointment should be made as soon as the final project paperwork is submitted.  If you are in the process of your Gold Award now, keep in mind the last opportunity for approval in 2017 will be on August 26th, which allows us 30 days before the national deadline of September 30th to get all paperwork and support materials in to GS USA.

Gold Award Educate & Inspire Presentations will be held in February, April, June and August.
Upcoming dates for the next year are:

• February 25, 2017
• April 29th, 2017
• June 24th, 2017
• August 26th, 2017

Here are some suggestions for items they may want to present to and share with the Gold Award Mentor Committee at the Educate & Inspire Presentation:
• Photos of their project & work, video ~ if one is part of the project
• Support letters from agencies & organizations who benefitted from their project and their project advisor
• Handouts / Workbooks / Outlines / An agenda or schedule of an event
• Publicity materials  - flyers, pamphlets, booklets, letters, articles etc.
• Social Media - PowerPoint presentations, websites, Instagram accounts, # hashtags associated with their project.