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Cadette: Sixth through Eighth Grades
Cadettes work with volunteers to plan community projects. They will gain self-confidence as they work with the world around them.

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Forms & Tools

Cadette Journeys

It’s Your Story — Tell it! MEdia

Look for the ME in media and learn how you can shape media — for yourselves, your community and the world.

Activity Guide 1

Activity Guide 2

Take Action Project

Award set

Journey Book

Adult Guide

It’s Your Planet — Love It! Breathe

Explore ways to improve the world’s air quality while supporting and nourishing your own abilities as leaders who are aware, alert and able.

Use the Breathe journey book.

Take Action Project

Award set

Journey Book

Adult Guide

It’s Your World — Change It! aMAZE

Life is a maze of relationships and this Journey will have you maneuvering through all its twists and turns to find true friendships and plenty of confidence.

Activity Plan 1

Activity Plan 2

Take Action Project

Award set

Journey book

Adult Guide

Leadership in Action (LiA)

Share your organizational skills and use your special talents as you help Brownies complete their Journey awards – there is one LiA for each Brownie Journey. Complete as outlined in the Brownie Adult Journey Guides.


LiA- Brownie Quest

LiA- World of Girls

Program Aide

Cadettes earn this by completing a LIA Journey award, going through leadership training and working with younger girls.

PA events


Cadette Girl's Guide