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Hurricane Irma Relief


We know many of you have been wondering about the state of the camp properties after Hurricane Irma. North Fork Leadership Center experienced severe flooding in almost every camp building, damaged structures from falling trees, and equipment failure. Camp Kateri also suffered damaged roofs, loss of camping structures, and roads being washed out.

We are ready to rebuild, but we need your help!

We have been asked by friends inside and outside Girl Scouting across the country how they can help. There are several ways you can help:

Donate to our Hurricane Irma Girl Scout Relief Campaign 

These funds will help us make the necessary improvements to our camp properties and make them fully functional once again.

Share our Fundraising Page

Please consider sharing the link to donate or create your own personal fundraising page that can be customized to share your experience with camp, asking your friends and family to join you in helping us reach our goal (BlueBook guidelines apply). 

Help Your Girl Scout Sisters

Rebekah Boulding Elixson, a volunteer in Community 2, has offered to help coordinate efforts. If your family needs assistance, please contact her with what you need. If your family or troop would like to support those who need help, let her know how you're prepared to help, e.g., collect food or water, clean up debris, etc. You can contact her at (352) 339-1583 or


Get Your Hurricane Irma Patch 

GSGC has created a custom patch for Girl Scouts and 100% of all the proceeds will support the rebuilding of our camp properties. Preorder yours today for $1.75 by contacting Shayla at