Girl Scouts of gateway council


Circle of Honor

Show your commitment to girls and join the over 70 members of the Circle of Honor, made up of the council’s closest friends and supporters!

Members include individuals who make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more each year to ensure every girl has the opportunity to be a
Girl Scout.

Lisa Acheson-Luther

David and Kay Ayers

Martha Barrett

Lynette Beitz

Karen Bowling

Tricia Burley

Susan Clark

Elizabeth Cline

Sandy Cook

Toni Crawford

Tiffany Cunningham

Veronica Della Porta

Charles H. and Wanda N. Denny

Mary Dolan

Dorothy S. Dorion

Kevin and Dawn Eggleston

Cecil Gibson

Jim Gilmore

Barbara Goodman

Karen Gordon

Lynne and Jeffrey Graley

Rob and Debbie Guild

Deborah Hagan

Susan Hamilton

Jennifer Hanigan

Preston and Joan Haskell

Dr. Karen E. Harris and Dr. Andrew Evans

BJ Hausman

John and Nancy Herbkersman

Janister Herring

Rashard Howard

Linda and Richard Hull

Jeff and Mary Anne Jacobs

Monica A. Jacoby

Beverly Jennings

Teala Milton Johnson

Timothy L. and Nona C. Jones

Kathleen and John Kish, Jr.

Ken and Debby Knopf

Eric and Carolyn Krall

Helen M. Lane

Dr. Pauline O. Lawrence

Linda Lindenmoyer

Jan Lipsky

Sherry Magill

Mrs. Russell B. Newton, Jr.

Patricia and Harold Neuendorf

Pamela Y. Paul

Susannah Peddie

Toni Porterfield

Lori and Steve Richards

James A. and Sandra Hull-Richardson

Joanne M.A. Robertson

Susan Rodgers

Percy and Dorothy Rosenbloom

Leslie Skipper

Rod and Dee Dee Smith

Layne Smith

Cindy Stover

Elizabeth Tate

Nancy B. Taylor

Dr. Portia Taylor

Mary Virginia Terry

Sandra and Harold Tysver

Jane M. Upton and Robert S. Campbell

Delores Barr Weaver

Carolyn Munro Wilson

Barbara Wingo

Jeff Womble

Ron and Debi Wood

LaTanya Wynn-Hall

Carole E. Zegel