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How much does it cost to be a Girl Scout?

Girl Scouts is unlike many other youth activities in that it depends on active adult involvement (volunteers) rather than charging large fees. Because of this, the national membership dues are only $15 per year and include accident and activity insurance. 

Most Girl Scouts participate in the annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program. The ‘learnings and earnings’ from this and a Fall Product Sale are what girls use for planning, budgeting and paying for most of their own activities. Additionally, most troops ask girls to contribute “Troop Dues,” a small amount of money which is collected at each meeting.

Uniforms are not mandatory but certain components (vest or sash, troop number patches, pin, etc.) help identify your daughter as a Girl Scout - both personally and to the community. You may want to hold off on purchasing uniforms until you've met with your daughter's troop leader, since they may have what you need available for purchase at your next troop meeting.

A parent’s financial status should not affect a girl’s ability to participate in Girl Scouts. Therefore, no girl will be denied membership because of an inability to pay. Girl Scouts of Gateway Council’s Financial Assistance Program is available to help with dues and variety of activity fees.

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Do you know this girl?

She knows herself. She values friendship. She is ethical, smart and aware. She respects the environment, knowledge, and those who guide her. She is independent, kind, and powerful. She has qualities, skills, and talents and uses them to make a difference in the world. She is a Girl Scout.