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Adult Recognitions 2012

Adult Recognitions 2012

These recognitions were awarded at the Friendship Celebration, February 11, 2012 at the Thrasher-Horne Conference Center in Orange Park, FL.

Volunteer Recognitions Task Group

Barbara Swank
Beth Farmer
Karen Hunter-Nowak
Joanne Gonzalez

Joy Nellis
Debora McCarty
Julia Agresta
Brian Taylor





Sustaining the Mission Award
In honor of our 100th anniversary we wanted to acknowledge those individuals that have been passionate about Girl Scouting and Gateway Council; individuals who have kept Juliette Lowe’s vision alive through their volunteerism. So we developed a special award to be given only in this 100th anniversary year– to 100 very special volunteers. The Sustaining the Mission Award recipients are:

Robert Adams ~ Nassau


Missy Baker ~ CHUA
Anne Banks ~ Kanapaha
Michelle Barnes ~ Kanapaha
Donna Barnes ~ Black Creek                                   
Martha Barrett ~ Indian Creek
Naomi Bartley ~ Norweaster                                   
Karen Beaty ~ Azalea Trails
Kim Bernhart ~ Nassau                                   
Chris Blake ~ Black Creek
Cindy Bloom ~ Sawamish                                   
Al Dona Branch ~ Carolina Hills
Barbara Breitberg ~Columbia                       
Nancy Briles ~ Kanapaha                                 
Dawn Burkey ~ Okeweno                                   
Melody Carson ~ Sawamish
Pauline Carter ~ Okeweno
Roger Casey ~ Twin Hills                                   
Sheila Casey ~ Twin Hills
Sandra Caslow ~ Columbia
Billie Jo Chavarria ~ Nassau                                   
Amy Cimmerer ~ Indian Creek
Carlynda Cofield ~ Golden Sands                       
Carolyn Davis ~ Alapaha
Jamie Davis ~ Twin Hills                                   
Adrenne Deason ~ Orange Park
Michelle Gallo ~ Kanapaha                                   
Sylvia Gambrell ~ St. Augustine
Dyana Giles  ~ Creeks Cove                                   
Gina Gombola ~Kanapaha
Barbara Goodman ~ Beaches                                    
Pat Grodell ~ Whispering Pines
Irene Hambrock ~ Nassau                                   
Susan Hamilton ~ Board Member
Eileen Handberg ~ Indigo                                   
Karen Harris ~ Hatchet Creek
Diane Harris ~ Golden Sands                                   
Misty Hinson ~ CHUA
Chad Hubbard ~ Kanapaha                                   
Teresa Hunter ~ Norweaster
Karen Hunter-Nowak ~ Whispering Pines           
Deb Hutto ~ Nassau
Tammi Inscore ~ Black Creek                       
Christine Jones ~ Norweaster
Penny Jones ~ Fund Development                        
Becky Kelley ~ Orange Park
Amy Kirby ~ Azalea Trails                                   
Patricia Knowles ~ Communications
Justin Law ~ Sawamish                                   
Debbie Lineberry ~ Orange Park
Carol Link ~ St. Augustine                                   
Jan Lipsky ~ Former Board President
Elizabeth Locke ~ Orange Park                       
Norma Lockwood ~ Round River
Jean Towers Lyerly ~ Fund Development           
Cathy Lyras ~ Alapaha
Debora McCarty ~ Creeks Cove                       
Lisa McGonagle ~ Creeks Cove
Teala Milton-Johnson ~ Nominating Com.           
Laurie Mullins ~ Bradford/Union
Diana Naber ~ Cross Roads Creek                       
Sandy Nelson ~ Putnam           
Donna Newton ~ Alapaha                                   
Shenita Perry ~ Norweaster
Sandy Phipps ~ Nassau                                   
Anne Pigney ~ Carolina Hills
Donna Provau ~ Sawamish                                   
Bobbi Reynolds ~ CHUA
James A. Richardson II~ Board President           
Rachel Roberts ~ Sawamish
Susan Rodgers ~ Beaches                                   
Melissa Ross ~ Whispering Pines
Paula Rudser ~ Alapaha                                   
Selma Rutledge ~ Norweaster
Brenda Sanders ~ Norweaster                       
Sharon Schrader ~ Sawamish
Cynthia Segraves ~Donor                                   
Angelique Sermons ~ Hatchet Creek
Kathi Sharp ~ Orange Park                                   
Kim Shattuck ~ Sawamish
Michael Simmons ~ Baker Trails                       
Monyelle Smith ~ Columbia
Laura Storey ~ Kanapaha                                   
Kathy Strickland ~ Kanapaha
Barbara Swank ~ Indian Creek                       
Nancy Taylor ~ Fund Development
Portia Taylor ~ Fund Development                       
Deborah Thomas ~ Innovations
Linda Towne ~ Columbia                                   
Penelope Troutman-Bellamy ~Columbia  
Darlene Weston ~ Whispering Pines                       
Holly Wells ~ Kanapaha
Shelley Whetstone ~ Golden Sands                       
Amy Whitaker ~ Kanapaha
Paulette White ~ CHUA                                   
Bobby White ~ Norweaster
Julia Henry-Wilson ~ Trout River                       
Debi Wood ~ St. Augustine
Joanne Wyman ~ Okeweno                                   
Mary & Leon Young ~ Mandarin Meadows                                                     

Tenure Pins
Tenure pins are presented to volunteers in recognition of years of membership, including membership as a girl and as an adult.  Adults with membership of fifteen years or more are recognized with a numeral guard indicating the number of years of membership at five-year interval

15 years
Karen Andux ~ Beaches                                
DeLina Eden ~ Whispering Pines
Nicole King ~ Staff                            
Sharon Peele ~ Diamond Jubilee
Beth Rounds-Parker ~ Mandarin Meadows

20 years
Beth Farmer ~ Hatchet Creek                       
Joy Flowers ~ Hatchet Creek
Cindy Laukert ~ Hatchet Creek                     
Jerry Ray ~ St. Augustine
Julie Rountree ~ Gainesville Special Projects

25 years
Julia Giannelli ~ St. Augustine


30 years
Kimberly Brantley ~ St. Augustine


35 years
Stacy Drinks ~ Norweaster
Carmen Forsyth ~ Bradford/Union


40 years
Andrea Waterhouse ~ Bradford/Union


45 years
Carolyn Eaves ~ Bradford/Union


60 years
America Sandra Berry ~ Alapaha
Mary Young ~ Mandarin Meadows


Outstanding Leader
The Outstanding Leader award is a pin with a leadership torch against a yellow background. It recognizes outstanding troop leadership qualities in the delivery of Girl Scout program to girls.  Nominations are reviewed and approved by the Council Recognitions Task Group.

Danielle Brown ~ Columbia
Roger Casey ~ Twin Hills
Sheila Casey ~ Twin Hills                             
Billie Jo Chavarria ~ Nassau
Jen Cury ~ Creeks Cove                                
Jan Daniel ~ Twin Hills
Jamie Davis ~ Twin Hills                              
Amanda Dempsey ~ Baker Trails
Teresa DiLoreto ~ Mandarin Meadows        
Sherrie Dominger ~ Black Creek
Heather Duran ~ Carolina Hills                     
Dana Evans ~ Whispering Pines
Andrea Finnerty ~ Creeks Cove                    
Christyna Fitzpatrick ~ Baker Trails
Shannon Gates ~ Mandarin Meadows          
Danielle Konopka ~ Golden Sands           
Tanya Martinson ~ Twin Hills                                 
Barbara Moseley ~ Nassau             
Kristie Murph~ Twin Hills                                      
Rebecca Newman ~ Orange Blossom Cove
Sharon Norris ~ Cross Roads Creek                          
Jan Olsen ~ Twin Hills
Jenn O’Neal ~ Whispering Pines                   
Lilly Perkins ~ Hatchet Creek
Deborah Schieferstin ~ Golden Sands
Lesley Schmidt ~ Whispering Pines
Kristi Scoma ~ Black Creek                           
Heather Spears ~ Golden Sands
Tracy Stenberg ~ Mandarin Meadows          
Kim Stevens ~ Golden Sands
Lisa Still ~ Mandarin Meadows                    
Michele Stout ~ Twin Hills
Denice Taylor ~ Twin Hills                           
Theresa Tippins ~ Cross Roads Creek
Amanda Varrasse ~ Twin Hills

Exceptional Leader
The Exceptional Leader award recognizes those Troop Leaders who have already received the Outstanding Leader Award, and who for a minimum of three additional years, continued providing exceptional service as a Troop Leader.  The candidate has at least completed one training beyond the basic training requirements for a troop leader.  Nominations for the Exceptional Leader award are also reviewed and approved by the Council Recognitions Task Group.

Gayle Black ~ Cross Roads Creek
Karen Brennan ~ Hatchet Creek       
Cathy Honeycutt ~ Hatchet Creek                
Sabrina Jones ~ Hatchet Creek
Pauline Rolle ~ Carolina Hills            
Lori Waugh ~ Cross Roads Creek

Outstanding Volunteer
The Outstanding Volunteer Award is a pin showing a white chain and gold trefoil against a red background. This award recognizes outstanding service to a geographic area or program area. Nominations are reviewed and approved by the Council Recognitions Task Group. 

Anna Barnett ~ Twin Hills                            
Greg Beckner ~ Program Committee
Tracy Bowling ~ Program Committee           
Billie Jo Chavarria ~ Nassau
Billie Jo Clevinger ~ Black Creek                   
Tina Conti ~ Orange Blossom Cove
Dawn Crews  ~ Nassau                                 
Lisa Fountain ~ Cross Roads Creek
Angela George ~ Carolina Hills                      
Jennifer Glassman ~ Indian Creek
Ann Mueller ~ Nassau                                   
Wendy Ralston ~ St. Augustine
Frank Scoma ~ Black Creek               
Robbie Simmons ~ Baker Trails
Monyelle Smith ~ Columbia              
Tracy Smith ~ Black Creek                
Angela Woerman ~ Orange Blossom Cove

Appreciation Pin
The service performed by candidates for the Appreciation Pin is outstanding, above and beyond the expectations for the position held and is delivered to at least one geographic division or service unit within the council's jurisdiction and contributes to the council's goals and objectives. The Appreciation Pin is a gold-tone pin with the Girl Scout logo.

Karen Beaty ~ Azalea Trails             
Cliff Brooks ~ Program Committee
Dawn Burkey ~ Okeweno                             
Tricia Burley ~ Program Committee
Sandra Caslow ~ Columbia                            
Linda Clineman ~ Baker Trails
Lee Goodnight ~ Program Committee           
Eileen Handberg ~ Indigo
Chris Kelly ~ Cross Roads Creek                  
Amy Kirby ~ Azalea Trails
Tonia Lui ~ Cross Roads Creek                     
Jackie Lunsford ~ Mandarin Meadows
Sandy Trapp ~ Indigo                        
Linda Ward ~ Baker Trails
Shelley Whetstone ~ Golden Sands

Gateway Council Award
Candidates for the Gateway Council Award have previously earned the Appreciation Pin and have continued for 3 years or more to offer outstanding service beyond the expectations of the position.

Holly Lucas ~ Black Creek                                   
Don Naber ~ Cross Roads Creek         

Honor Pin
Nancy Thornton ~ Baker Trails                       
Donna Walp ~ Black Creek

The service performed by candidates for the Honor Pin is outstanding, above and beyond the expectations for the position held and is delivered to at least two geographic divisions or service units within the council's jurisdiction and contributes to the council's goals and objectives. The Honor Pin is a green enamel pin with a gold-tone trefoil circled by a laurel wreath.

Jeanie Jacobson ~ Cross Roads Creek              
Diana Naber ~ Cross Roads Creek
Anne Pigney ~ Carolina Hills

Thanks Badge
The Thanks Badge is a gold filled enamel disc and is worn on a ribbon.  It has a wide blue circular band inside two narrow gold circular bands with a gold trefoil in the center of the circle.  It is awarded for outstanding service by an individual, over and above the expectations of the position held, that benefits the entire council.  Four individual letters of endorsement are required.

Susan Hamilton – Board Member of Girl Scouts of Gateway Council
Susan has been an adult volunteer for over 8 years and has been an exceptional member of the Board of Directors.  She is a dynamic individual who has used her influence for the betterment of our Council. She has also worked to solicit corporate support for the council.  She has partnered with others to make the first “major ask” for the Council in the development of the North Fork Leadership Center.

Debbie Lineberry - Orange Park
Debbie has been a member in Girl Scouting for many years. She has been a dedicated volunteer for the Aquatics Camp Program, SMILE Camp, San Agustin and still volunteers in her Service Unit as a Coach even though her daughter is grown.  She is a positive role model for Girl Scouting.