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SHARE Fundraising Ideas

SHARE Fundraising Ideas

Here are a few ideas for raising SHARE dollars. If you have others, please share them with Fund Development and we’ll add them here (and attribute it to your service unit)

  1. At your beginning of the year ceremony, a bridging ceremony or court of awards, provide a change ‘jar’ for parents to donate.
  2. Collect and recycle aluminum cans. Use the proceeds to donate to SHARE.
  3. Have girls make seasonal greeting cards and sell them to their parents. Donate the proceeds to SHARE.
  4. Hold a multi-family yard sale and designate a portion of the proceeds from the sale to SHARE.
  5. Ask your employer if they will match your Girl Scout volunteer hours with a cash gift to the council. Or they might have a matching gift program where they will match a gift that you make to the council.
  6. Put a Keep-The-Change jar in your car. Drop in your loose change when you go through the drive-through, clean out your car, or pick up your dry cleaning.
  7. Ask the girls in the troop if they would like to donate a portion of their product sale proceeds to SHARE so that other girls can join Girl Scouts.
  8. One service unit asks for a $10 donation from every troop and then donates it to SHARE.
  9. Have an ice cream party and admission is a gift to SHARE.

Inspire everyone with a service unit goal and track your progress with a “thermostat” chart. Celebrate at specific intervals.


$15 will pay for Chef Certification for one adult volunteer so that girls will enjoy their camping experiences.

$35 makes leader resources available which will enrich girl leadership experiences.

$45 will make girls safe by training one adult volunteer in First Aid/CPR.

$85 will certify one lifeguard so more girls have access to swimming and aquatics

$500+ will help enhance camp properties with equipment girls need.