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Taking Trips

Taking a trip? All of the information and proper documentation is listed below to help you have a successful adventure. Protect yourself by taking the time to complete all necessary documentation.

  • Keep permission slips and health forms with you on trips. Slip these in a folder, envelope, or binder and keep them in your day pack along with a first aid kit.
  • Always have a copy of a blank Incident Report with you, just in case something happens.
  • All adults who are transporting girls or attending activities/events must be registered and background checked! Any tagalongs require the purchase of additional insurance.
  • Always review Safety Activity Checkpoints prior to an event or outing for required precautions, equipment, trainings, and certifications. 
Day Trips

Day Trips are defined as any trip that occurs away from your normal meeting space and do not include an overnight experience. The following is required:

* The trip application is not required when attending a GSGC- or community-hosted event/program.

Overnight Trips

Overnight trips are defined as staying overnight, NOT including camping, and require the following:

Camping Trips - GSGC Property

Gateway property camping (Level 1) is defined as staying at Camp Kugelman, Camp Kateri, or a Little House and requires:

Make a reservation for a GSGC property online or by calling (904) 877-764-5237

Camping Trips - Non-GSGC Property

Off-property camping (Level 2) is defined as staying at any property not belonging to GSGC and requires: