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Tools for responding to difficult questions

Cookie season is a fun time for girls, volunteers and parents. And while most customers will add joy to the season, some may ask difficult questions that girls and adults alike might be unprepared for. We want to make sure that you are ready to respond to these questions in a positive and honest manner. 

Q: Does Girl Scouts support/give cookie proceeds to Planned Parenthood?

Girl Scouts of the USA does not take a position on or develop materials pertaining to sex education. Our role is to equip girls with the self-confidence and good decision-making skills that will help them make wise choices in all areas of their lives.

Girl Scouts has no relationship with Planned Parenthood and does not plan to create one. In 2010, GSUSA took part in the 54th Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. Our participation in that conference was the subject of numerous Internet stories and blogs that were factually inaccurate and troubling. Girl Scouts had no knowledge of a Planned Parenthood brochure and played no role in distributing it.

All proceeds from the cookie program stay local and benefit our girl members, volunteers and council.

Snopes, an online fact checking resource, reiterates that any link between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood is false:

Q: Where does the cookie money go?

One hundred percent of the proceeds stay local within our council. Troops receive up to $.85 per box sold, with the remaining money going to camp scholarships and improvements, Girl Scout programming, volunteer training, and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award project support. You can see a more detailed breakdown of where cooke money goes here and here

Q: What do you think about Scouts BSA (Boy Scouts registering girls in their troops)? Will you allow boys in Girl Scouts?

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council remains steadfast in our knowledge that Girl Scouts is the world’s single best leadership development program for girls. Our mission is to serve girls, and girls only, and to foster their amazing leadership potential. We’re moving forward with our innovative programming and with Girl Scout Cookie season, and we’re eager to continue serving the girls of our council.

If a customer is especially persistent, please direct them to GSGC staff. Let them know they can call our office at (904) 388-4653 or email