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Summer Camp 2022: Summer of Champions

This summer, prepare for an adventure — one that's totally girl-led! 

Every session is unique, but she'll always experience Girl Scout camp traditions like archery, boating, making SWAPS, learning songs, joining in talent shows and more. Registration includes a Summer Camp 2022 T-shirt and a summer camp patch.

Not a Girl Scout yet? That's OK — all girls are welcome at summer camp! This is a great way to experience Girl Scouting and make new friends; when you want to continue, GSGC staff will help find a troop!

Important Information

Register your girl based on the grade she will be in for Fall 2022.

A nonrefundable $25 deposit is required to hold your girl's place at camp; the deposit will be applied to the overall cost.

Here's a list of what to pack for Summer Camp.

Using Your Camp Credits 

How do I use my camp credits?

Each Girl Scout will receive an individualized coupon code reflecting the value of her camp credit rewards from cookie season. You will enter this code on the payment page. To reserve your Girl Scout’s spot in camp you only need to complete the registration and pay the $25 non-refundable deposit. You will need to apply your coupon code and pay the remaining balance prior to the payment deadline noted on the registration page.

Why can’t I stack more than $225 worth of credits?

In order to ensure the fair use and distribution of camp credits, we do not allow more than $225 worth of camp credits to be stacked. This policy is in place to protect the hard work of our Girl Scouts, who can only earn up to $225 of camp credits as a reward during our Cookie Program.

Can my credits be gifted?

Yes! You are able to gift your personalized coupon code to another girl. If you would like to donate a camp credit coupon code, but do not have a girl to designate to you can email and the credits will be applied to those girls requesting financial support.

Can camp credit be used for the camp session deposit?

No, camp credits cannot be applied toward the $25 non-refundable camp deposit.

Can they be used in the camp store?

No, camp credits are credits towards the amazing experience of camp and cannot be used as money at the camp store.

What if I cannot attend camp? Can they be used on something else?

No, camp credits can only be used towards an experience at camp and cannot be exchanged for other rewards. However, Girl Scouts did receive additional rewards at the camp credit level with the camp credits being a bonus. Camp credits can be gifted.

Is she ready for camp?

If your daughter has never spent the night away from home, you may want to start her with a short stay such as 1 or 2 nights at resident camp. After that, she can progress into whatever length of camp she desires.

Although age is one factor in readiness for resident camp, a child’s maturity level and personality are more important indicators. Talk to your child. If she is enthusiastic about attending, she will probably enjoy camp. The following questions may help in determining readiness for resident camp.

  • Has your daughter ever been away from home for more than one night without family members?
  • Can she keep up with her personal belongings?
  • Can she take care of her own basic hygiene needs such as showering, toileting, and brushing her teeth without assistance?
  • Can she cope with unfamiliar people, new places, and group schedules?
  • Does she enjoy making new friends?
  • Does she like group situations?
  • Does she enjoy being outdoors? Can she see mosquitos, bugs, or other “nature” friends without being frightened?
Am I ready for my daughter to attend Resident Camp?

Parents and guardians sometimes have a difficult time sending their daughters to resident camp. The following questions will help in your decision making.

  • Can you relax and enjoy yourself when your girl sleeps overnight away from home?
  • Are you prepared to be away from your daughter for several days?
  • Are you willing to have your daughter participate in camp kapers (chores) such as setting tables, cleaning the cabin, sweeping, picking up trash, and cleaning the bathroom?
  • Are you confident in your daughter’s ability to take care of herself, make her own bed, and keep track of her own belongings?
  • Do you believe that camp provides girls with a fun and rewarding experience that builds self-worth and independence?
  • Are you willing to trust the camp staff with the care of your daughter?

COVID-19 Update

As we move toward Summer 2022, we are updating our COVID-19 policies to better align with local practices. Masks will be optional for staff and campers while indoors and daily temperature checks will be discontinued. If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 at any time, the camper’s subgroup members will be notified and parents/caregivers will have the choice of whether they want to quarantine their camper. Please note that no refunds will be issued for campers that become sick or families that choose to quarantine their campers.

Sleepaway Summer Camp Sessions

During each camp session campers will enjoy themed programming in addition to camp traditions including swimming, canoeing, kayaking and archery. Campers will be in the water every day, weather allowing.

Bus Service to Camp Kateri
For the camp weeks of July 10 and July 24, a bus will be available to Camp Kateri. The bus will start in Pensacola and make stops in Panama City and Tallahassee. Additional stops may be added based on bus registration. 

Register Below


Camp Open House - April 13 @ 7 p.m. (Virtual)

Camp Open House
When: April 13 @ 7 - 8 p.m. ET
Where: Virtual

Excited to adventure with us but want to know more? Join us for a Virtual Camp Open House on Wednesday, April 6 at 7 p.m. ET and have your camp questions answered.

My First Camp - June 5-7 (Camp Kugelman)

My First Camp
When: June 5-7
Where: Camp Kugelman
Level: Grades 1 - 3
Price: $250/members, $300/non-members

Pack your bags and head to camp Kugelman for your very first campout! SWAPS, swimming, smore’s, and slingshots are just a few of the exciting adventures we will have on this short and sweet stay.

Camp 101 - June 8-10 (Camp Kugelman)

Camp 101
When: June 8-10
Where: Camp Kugelman
Level: Grades 1 -3
Price: $250/members, $300/non-members

This is the perfect introduction to camping! This classic summer camp session will bring exciting new adventures each day! Girls will meet new friends and try outdoor activities like fire building, outdoor cooking, and singing around a campfire. We will spend our days swimming, learning archery, and kayaking. Our last night together we will have a movie and popcorn under the stars.

Camp Survivor - June 26-July 1 (Camp Kateri)

Camp Survivor
When: June 26-July 1
Where: Camp Kateri  
Level: Grades 4 - 12
Price: $450/members, $500/non-members

The wait is finally over, join us again on Honu Island at Camp Kateri for Season 2. Be placed into one of 4 tribes, meet other tribe members, design your tribe’s flag, and get ready for a full week of competitions. You and your teammates will compete in everything from a simple relay race to extreme water challenges. Challenges will take place on dry land as well as in canoes, kayaks, and while swimming. Nightly tribal council will reveal the tribe in first place. Does your team have what it takes to bring home the trophy at the end of the week? 

Gryffon Ground's Challenge - July 10-15 (Camp Kateri)

Gryffon Ground's Challenge
When: July 10-15 
Where: Camp Kateri
Level: Grades 2 - 12
Price: $450/members, $500/non-members

Are you ready for another magical week at Gryffon Grounds! When you arrive, you will be sorted into your house and meet your housemates for the week. Use your crafty skills to decorate your common room, race to find the philosopher's stone by completing a group of challenges, make your wands and learn potions.  You and your housemates will also compete in muggle studies all week to see if you can earn enough points to bring home the house cup. — muggle studies include archery, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. 

Need transportation to Kateri? After completing your camp registration, register for the bus here.

Game Show Extravaganza - July 17-22 (Camp Kateri)

Game Show Extravaganza
When: July 17-22
Where: Camp Kateri
Level: Grades 4 - 12
Price: $450/members, $500/non-members

Have you ever dreamed of being on a game show? Here is your chance! Pack your gear, grab your friends, and ready your competitive spirit for a week of fun and competition! You and your team will compete all week in different game shows like Family Feud, Win, Lose or Draw, Face the Music, Whip Out and many more. We'll keep the games coming as you enjoy canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and archery. You will not want to miss this action-packed week of games. 

Kateri Challenge - July 24-29 (Camp Kateri)

Kateri Challenge
When: July 24-29
Where: Camp Kateri
Level: Grades 2 - 12
Price: $450/members, $500/non-members

Join us for an exciting week of your favorite camp games! Field games, human battleship, slip 'n slide kickball, and mud hunt are just to name a few. Does your team have what it takes to be the Kateri Game Champions? Thursday night we will celebrate the fun of summer with lakeside fireworks and a movie under the stars. 

Need transportation to Kateri? After completing your camp registration, register for the bus here.

Gateway's Amazing Race - July 31-Aug 5 (Camp Kateri)

Gateway's Amazing Race
When: July 31-Aug 5 
Where: Camp Kateri
Level: Grades 4 - 12
Price: $450/members, $500/non-members

Travel to your campsite and meet your teammates for your own Amazing Race! Together you will travel to new destinations all over camp to complete physical, mental, eating, cultural, and other challenges in competition against other teams. Each day your team will race to complete challenges and try to be the first to reach the check point to earn points. Teams will have different swimming, canoe, kayak, and archery challenges to boost their points.

Our Summer Camp Properties 

Where will your adventure take you? Click below to explore our camp properties!

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