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Cookies 2018

Ways to Participate

Check out all the ways you can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

Digital Cookie
Girls set up their own websites to sell cookies online to customers near and far — seriously boosting their sales! Getting started is super easy, and girls learn a ton of important skills along the way. Begins Jan. 1.

Using their order cards, girls take orders from customers before they’ve received their cookies. Begins Jan. 1. Please note: 2019 is the last year GSGC will offer pre-orders.

Cookies in Hand
Girls will visit customers to offer cookies on the spot! Typically, customers buy more boxes this way, which means bigger sales for your girl, putting her on the fast track to achieving her goals. Begins Jan. 25-26.

Pop-Up Booths
Get creative with selling and try a “pop-up” booth! Set up a booth in non-retail, common spaces with heavy foot traffic like food truck courts, festivals or community sporting events. Troop leaders or product sales managers are responsible for getting permission from the manager of the space where they will be setting up their pop-up booth. A pop-up booth doesn’t have to be a booth at all: Girls and volunteers can sell cookies from a wagon that they pull around, similar to a Walkabout. If your troop decides to do a pop-up booth, please be respectful and share the space with other Girl Scouts if other troops are nearby. All safety guidelines must be followed. Begins Jan. 25-26.

Cookie booths
Cookie booths give girls an opportunity to reach their goals! Customers are reached through booths set up in front of high-traffic locations in the community. A Girl Scout cookie booth is not just a “booth,” it’s the troop’s storefront for their business. Begins Feb. 9.

Walkabout Weekend
Girls take their Cookies in Hand and go door-to-door to visit new customers and give previous customers a chance to restock! A walkabout can happen any time after girls have cookies in hand, but girls who participate during National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend will have an opportunity to earn a special patch! Feb. 22-24.

Operation USO

Operation USO allows customers to support military personnel by purchasing packages of cookies to be delivered to service members and their families through the Greater Jacksonville USO Centers. Customers can purchase cookies to donate through girls' Digital Cookie sites, indicate a donation on the girl order card or donate cookies at cookie booths.