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Frequently Asked Questions

Banking & Forms/Documents

I didn't receive any girl order forms at training. Where can I get those?
Order forms will be distributed at cookie pickup Jan. 26-27. You can download the Goal Getter form online here.

When will we receive deposit slips?
You'll receive your troop deposit slips at Initial Order Pickup. Deposit slips are unique to each troop, so do not share deposit slips with other troops.

How do I know how much to deposit to the GSGC account?
The Sales Report in eBudde shows both troop and council proceeds. Council proceeds should be deposited to the appropriate bank listed on your deposit slips. Make sure to only use the deposit you receive at initial order pickup; don't use another troop's deposit slips or counter deposit slips. Troop proceeds can vary throughout the program, so pay close attached to the sales report and ensure you're making the correct deposits. Make sure to follow this schedule:
Feb. 12 - 10% of money owed to council due
Feb. 20 - 25% of money owed to council due
Feb. 26 - 50% of money owed to council due
March 5 - 75% of money owed to council due
March 12 - 100% of money owed to council due

How long does it take for a bank deposit to show up in eBudde?
Deposits to the Product Sales account at Wells Fargo should be reflected in eBudde within one business day. Deposits made to the Product Sales account at Capital City or Columbia before 2 p.m. Monday-Friday should be reflected within one business day; deposits made at these banks after 2 p.m. Monday-Friday or on Saturday should be reflected after two business days. GSGC staff must verify each deposit, so no deposits show in eBudde immediately.

Cookie Booths

When/where/how do I sign up my troop for cookie booths?
Booth selection will take place in eBudde with the Booth Scheduler tool. All "hot spot" booth locations will be listed in the Booth Scheduler, and troops can choose from any of the locations, dates and times listed. All troops who have completed training will receive an email from eBudde detailing the dates and times of the selections process.

A business owner offered to let us set up a booth at their business. Who do we contact about that?
Contact your CPSM about any booths that are not already in the eBudde selection system.

Can we accept credit cards at booths?
Troops can use payment programs like Square to accept credit card payments. These should be linked to the troop's bank account and tracked carefully for accurate accounting. Troops may not pass along fees to the customers by charging more for the cookies.

Can we set up a booth at a flea market or other paid venue?
Yes, but keep in mind that troops are responsible for any fees associated with booth rental. Troops are not reimbursed for these fees. Any fees associated with these booths are paid directly to the venue. Some of these sites may be secured through the booth selector in eBudde. Troops must obtain approval prior to contacting any booth location not listed in the selector tool on eBudde. (This prevents troops from being in the same location at the same time.)

Do all parents or chaperones need to complete a background check to work with their daughter at the cookie booth?
At least one adult at each cookie booth must be a registered adult Girl Scout and complete a background check. Only registered and background checked adults may handle money or transport cookies.

Can Daisies participate in cookie booths?
Of course! Any registered Girl Scout may sell at a cookie booth. Just remember that no more and no less than two girls and two adults must be present at each booth.

Can non-Girl Scouts or pets help at the cookie booth?
No. Only two registered Girl Scouts and two adults are permitted at each booth. Bringing additional people or pets is a safety hazard and distraction.

Cookies In Hand

During a direct sale, can girls still take orders before cookies come in?
No, but girls should be marketing to all their previous customers and people they want to sell to and let them know when cookies will arrive.

What are the benefits of a direct sale over presales?
Girls will have even more opportunities to make sales and increase proceeds because customers can get their cookies immediately, and girls in other councils with a Cookies in Hand model typically sell 20 percent MORE cookies! This method is also much more convenient for both Girl Scouts and their customers — there's no more taking orders, waiting weeks for delivery, then trying to coordinate timing to deliver the cookies and collect payment. Everything is done on the spot for instant gratification!

Can girls still sell door to door?
Of course! Girls ages 5-12 must have an adult present with them, and older girls must have a buddy with them — no girl should ever sell alone. Girls should sell only in neighborhoods with which they're familiar. Girls should never give out their last name or home address, and should never enter a customer's home.

Digital Cookie & Selling Online

How do I access Digital Cookie and register my Girl Scout?
Visit then click "Request a Digital Cookie registration email" link. The email will be sent to the address on file for your girl in our membership system.

Can I see who has placed an order in Digital Cookie?
You can view all Digital Cookie orders on the Cookie Orders tab when you sign into Digital Cookie.

Is there a notification system to receive emails when someone orders?
No, but you can view all online orders on the Cookie Orders tab when you sign into Digital Cookie.

Why can't I use the Digital Cookie app yet?
The Digital Cookie app will be available after initial orders are delivered Jan. 26.

Is there an in-person delivery option in Digital Cookie?
Currently, GSGC does not offer in-person delivery through Digital Cookie.

I want to share my girl's site on social media. Is that OK?
Yes. Just make sure your posts only show to friends and family so you know who's seeing the information.

Can I post my girl's site on pages like Swip Swap, or let people in those groups know that cookies are available?
No. For safety reasons, girls should not sell on sites like these because they're open to the public.

Are there shipping costs when customers order through Digital Cookie?
Yes. The shipping fees are established by the vendor that processes and ships the orders. Shipping and handling costs are calculated in tiers starting at $9.90 for 4–6 boxes of cookies. The pricing structure is based largely on the actual cost of ensuring that the cookies are delivered in a timely manner and incur no damage during the shipping process. Shipping costs are structured around expedited delivery services. GSGC does not determine the shipping fees, nor are we compensated by the shipping vendor. There is no shipping charge for Gift of Caring cookies ordered through Digital Cookie.

Can we sell cookies online through a program other than Digital Cookie?
Cookies may be sold online through Digital Cookie, and promoted through social media and emails to friends and family. Sales are not permitted on any sales sites like Swip Swap, Craigslist, NextDoor, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Please adhere to the Internet Safety Pledge when promoting the Girl Scout Cookie Program online.


How do I get a username and password for eBudde?
Users are added to eBudde by the Community Product Sales Manager. Once you have been added to the system, an email will be sent to notify you. You'll gain access to eBudde once you've completed necessary paperwork and training.

I'm trying to register in eBudde but I don't have a password. Where can I find that?
The temporary password for eBudde is located on Page 3 of the TPSM manual you received at training. 

How do I get a girl added to eBudde?
Complete a request to add a girl to eBudde. Additions are manually verified and can take up to a week to appear in eBudde. The last day to request adding a girl to eBudde is March 7. Check your troop roster through My GS; if changes are needed, contact your troop support specialist.

How I remove a girl from eBudde?
Girls are not removed from the system. All earnings are based on girls selling, so a girl who is not selling cookies will not affect the per girl average for the troop. If a girl transferred to another troop, please provide that information to your CPSM and they can help get her transferred.

Why aren't some girls showing on my roster in eBudde?
The girl information was imported into eBudde using the 2018 registration information from our membership database. The importing process requires a valid parent email address and a list of other information in the girl’s record. If any of the required information was missing from the girl’s membership record, the girl’s name could not be added to eBudde during the initial import. You can complete a request to add a girl to eBudde.

Do I need to submit an eBudde/Digital Cookie request for any newly registered Girl Scout?
Yes, you will need to request this manually since the girl was not included in the initial upload. Complete a request to add a girl to eBudde.

Who is able to enter cookie orders in eBudde?
A troop product sales manager enters cookie orders and handles the logistics of the cookie program for the troop. This volunteer must be a registered adult Girl Scout and complete a background check. They also must complete the necessary paperwork and training to gain access to eBudde.

Gift of Caring: Operation USO

When a customer purchases cookies to donate through Operation USO, what does the troop do with the cookies?
When a girl or troop sells cookies through Gift of Caring, the box of cookies is not actually picked up by the troop or customer. The seller collects payment for box or boxes and notes the quantity. The troop product sales manager records the number of boxes purchased for donation in the VGOC column in eBudde.

Do troops earn proceeds on Gift of Caring boxes?
Yes, all cookies are counted to determine girls' proceeds and rewards.

What are the requirements to earn Gift of Caring rewards?
Any girl who sells 25 boxes through Operation USO will earn the Gift of Caring patch; 50 or more Gift of Caring boxes will earn either the Light-Up Awesome Sign or Flashlight/Nightlight; 100 or more Gift of Caring boxes will earn the Seas the Day T-shirt. These rewards are cumulative.

Are girls or troops allowed to choose another Gift of Caring recipient or solicit donations for any other organization or their own troop?
No. Operation USO is the council-wide Gift of Caring program and a coordinated effort to support one organization. It is the only activity of this type approved by GSGC and follows guidelines from both GSUSA and the Department of Defense. Any monetary donation received during the cookie program must be used to benefit Operation USO.

Important Dates

Jan. 1 - Digital Cookie sales begin
Jan. 10 - Submit initial order
Jan. 26-27 - Initial deliveries
Jan. 26 - Girls begin in-person sales with cookies in hand
Jan. 29 - Cookie warehouses open
Feb. 2-4 - Cookie House Party Weekend
Feb. 7 - Cookie booths begin
Feb. 12 - 10% of money owed to council due
Feb. 20 - 25% of money owed to council due
Feb. 24-25 - National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
Feb. 26 - 50% of money owed to council due
March 5 - 75% of money owed to council due
March 11 - Cookie booths end
March 12 - 100% of money owed to council due
March 14 - Submit final rewards, etc., in eBudde
March 20 - Paperwork due to CPSM
June 30 - Last day to pick up earned Cookie Program rewards

Order Pickup

When I schedule my initial order pickup, there are troops that have a time slot and then the same troop in the next slot with brackets - what does that mean?
Any troop listed in more than one time slot needs additional time for pickup because of a larger troop cookie order.

Who needs to be listed as a cookie pickup person?
Any person other than the TPSM who will pick up cookies at a delivery, warehouse or cupboard must be entered in eBudde. You can add a "Cookie Pickup Only" volunteer.

What if I can’t make it to my delivery time/location due to an emergency? Who do I notify? How do I get my cookies?
Please notify your CPSM if you are unable to pick up your initial troop cookie order.

What are the addresses of the warehouses and cupboards?
Addresses for each cupboard and warehouse may be located in eBudde by clicking on the transaction tab, add a transaction, and then clicking on the down arrow for a list of locations. Select a location and the screen will populate an address. You may change locations to view other addresses. In addition, a list of floating warehouses will be emailed to volunteers through eBudde.

How do I order the cookies from the warehouse/cupboard?
The troop product sales manager will use eBudde to place orders for additional cookies from warehouses/cupboards. Locations, along with addresses and hours of operation, will be listed in eBudde. Anyone picking up cookies must have an eBudde username and password; product will not be released to anyone without eBudde access. The TPSM can add a "cookie pickup only user" in eBudde so other troop volunteers can assist with cookie pickup.

The Program & Products

What skills do girls learn through the Girl Scout Cookie Program?
The 5 Skills are goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

What methods may girls use to sell cookies?
In person: New this year, girls will have Cookies in Hand for purchase on the spot, rather than taking preorders. Girls may also take their order form to their parents' workplace, for example, then fill orders from their inventory right away. Girls can also participate in cookie booths.
Online: Digital Cookie is the official online selling platform for Girl Scout Cookies in our council. Adults or Girl Scouts older than 13 can share the site on their personal social media channels but not in public groups like Swip Swap or Craigslist. They can also email friends and family with a link to the site.

Where can we find tips on selling cookies?
The Gateway Council website has lots of helpful tips and tools for girls! You can also check out Little Brownie Bakers' website and blog, plus Pinterest, YouTube and other social media channels. Don't forget to talk to other Girl Scouts to share ideas!

Friends in other councils have said this is the last year for Savannah Smiles. Is that true for Gateway Council?
This has not been confirmed by Little Brownie Bakers.

Which cookies cost $5?
Girl Scout S'mores and gluten-free Toffee-tastic. These limited-production varieties have higher production costs and specialty ingredients.

Proceeds & Rewards

Are the initial order bonus rewards cumulative from 80% to 90%?

Are both Digital Cookie and in-hand sales counted toward rewards? Or are these rewards just for in-hand?
Gift of Caring and Digital Cookie sales, along with Cookies In Hand and both sales, all count toward Girl Rewards.

How are proceeds determined?
Troop proceeds are based on the total number of boxes sold by a troop divided by the number of girls participating in the sale. This will be the troop’s Per Girl Average (PGA). Troop Proceeds are based on the PGA. Your PGA will not be impacted by those girls who are listed in eBudde, but do not participate in the sale (as long as no entries have been made under that girl).  We have outlined your earnings below:
1-199 PGA — 50¢ per box
200-299 PGA — 60¢ per box
300-399 PGA — 70¢ per box
400+ PGA — 85¢ per box
PGA may fluctuate during the program, so please pay special attention to the amount owed to council on your Sales Report located in eBudde.

When do I order girl rewards?
Girl rewards are cumulative and will be calculated at the end of the program. The reward order is due by March 14.

How does a troop of older girls opt out of Girl Rewards to receive higher proceeds instead?
Complete this form and submit to your CPSM. 

Who receives the proceeds from the cookie program?
All proceeds stay within the council to support programs and opportunities for girls. A cookie purchase not only supports girls’ success, but helps them find the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ within to do amazing things for themselves and for their communities. 

Who is eligible to opt out of receiving girl rewards? What are the advantages and what patches/rewards are the girls eligible to receive?
Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops may opt out of receiving girl rewards and instead receive an additional 5 cents per box of cookies sold. The decision to opt out must be unanimous among troop members; each girl must sign the Opt Out Consent Form. The form must be submitted to the CPSM prior to the Jan. 10 initial order deadline. Girls in troops that opt out are eligible to receive certain patches if they meet the individual patch requirements: 2018 Bar Patch, Gift of Caring and/or Cookie Theme patch.

When will troops receive their proceeds?
Troops receive their proceeds throughout the program as they take payment for cookies and make deposits to GSGC. Proceeds are based on the sales of each girl participating in the cookie program. Total troop proceeds are listed on the Sales Report in eBudde; this also shows council proceeds that should be deposited to the appropriate bank listed on your deposit slips. Make sure to only use the deposit you receive at initial order pickup; don't use another troop's deposit slips or counter deposit slips. Troop proceeds can vary throughout the program, so pay close attached to the sales report and ensure you're making the correct deposits.

When will troops receive the profit for online sales?
Sales through Digital Cookie are credited to the girls in eBudde immediately following an approved online transaction. Troop proceeds begin to calculate after the troop’s initial starting order is submitted and continue to update as additional cookies are allocated to the girls.

How do Digital Cookie sales count toward each girl's rewards?
Digital Cookie orders count toward a girl's total sales the same as Cookies in Hand and booth sales.

Will eBudde automatically calculate each girl's Digital Cookie sales on the Rewards tab?
Yes, eBudde will consider all digital sales when calculating a girl's earned rewards.

When will girls receive their rewards?
Girl rewards are shipped to the communities in April. The CPSM will notify troops when rewards are available for pickup. Any girl rewards not picked up from the CPSM by June 30 will be forfeited.

Are earned camp credits transferable?
Yes, girls may transfer earned camp credit to any registered Girl Scout.

Can girls use camp credit toward Smile Camp?


Where can I get cookie training?
Register on the GSGC website for an in-person cookie training, then complete the Cookie VIP eTraining on the Little Brownie Bakers website. Volunteers should also become familiar with the Little Brownie Bakers website, as it provides lots of useful information and resources for the cookie program.

Where can girls get cookie training?
Little Brownie Bakers offers Cookie Rookie, a training program specifically for girls. This fun and exciting training is geared toward first-time cookie sellers and is also helpful as a refresher to any girl. The entire program only lasts 10 minutes and includes a discussion guide and meeting activity ideas. (Available for download at

My troop product sales manager has been doing this for several years and has attended training each year. Do they need to do so again for our troop to sell cookies?
Any troop that wants to participate in in-person cookie sales must have at least one trained volunteer, regardless of experience.

Does the eBudde webinar training count for cookie training?
No. At least one volunteer from each troop must complete an in-person training to participate in in-person cookie sales.