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Gift of Caring

This year’s Gift of Caring partner is Soldiers' Angels, an organization that provides aid and comfort to members of the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, their families, and a growing veteran population.

How it works 

  • Girls may take orders in-person for Gift of Caring using their order card.
  • Customers may donate cookies to Gift of Caring through girls’ Digital Cookie sites and will not pay shipping fees on donated cookies.
  • Girls receive credit toward rewards for every Gift of Caring box donated.
  • Have the girls turn in money as they take orders for Gift of Caring.

Promoting Gift of Caring

  • Girls should download and print the following signs to use at their cookie booths and practice how to ask customers if they would like to donate a box of cookies! Make sure the girls are knowledgeable about the Gift of Caring program.
  • Girls should let customers know that donations to Gift of Caring are tax- deductible.

Gift of Caring Incentive

We are excited to announce our new Gift of Caring incentive.  Gift of Caring is a great way to help our girls reach their goals without having cookies in hand.  LBB has agreed to bake the gift of caring cookies in the summer and ship them directly to our donation partners, Soldiers Angels.  Soldiers Angels distributes the cookies to both local veterans and military members as well as military members overseas. All Gift of Caring donations are tax deductible. 

These additional incentives will help girls reach their original cookie goal and earn extra prizes along the way!  These prizes are cumulative with the rewards on the girl order card. 

Individual Girl Rewards:

  • 25 GOC Packages - $25.00 Camp Credit
  • 50 GOC Packages -$50.00 Camp Credit
  • 75 GOC Packages – 2 tickets to the Spring Fling
    • Jacksonville Iceman – April 16th
    • Pensacola Blue Wahoo’s – April 24th

12 girls with Top GOC sales will earn the opportunity to participate in something extra special at the spring fling

  • Iceman – Zamboni Ride
  • Blue Wahoo’s – Honored on field between innings and opportunity to participate in a unique baseball experience on field. 

Troop Reward:

The troop with the highest per girl average of Gift of Caring sales for the entire program will earn the troops choice of a special adventure.

  • 3-day Cruise to the Bahama’s – Port Canaveral
  • 2-night stay at Disney world with multi-park pass - Orlando
  • 2-night stay at Adventures Unlimited - Milton, Fl

Troop must have 3 or more active girls selling cookies to qualify. Only active girls selling will be used to calculate the per girl average. Only active girls selling will be able to participate in the trip. Trip will include the required number of adults needed to satisfy GSUSA Safety Activity Checkpoints for the number of girls and grade level of the troop.  Anticipated trip date is June 2022.

**Juliette troops can participate as a troop and must go on trip as a troop. This is not an individual reward. 

***Trip is subject to GSUSA, GSGC, and CDC covid guidelines at the time of the trip.  The Covid guidelines for the Cruise, Disney or Adventures Unlimited must be adhered to.