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Fall Sweets & Treats Program

The Fall Product Program is a great way for girls to kick start their membership year while helping their troop with much needed funds for their service projects, adventures and experiences.  

This program is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, where girls gain experience with the five skills linked to leadership and financial literacy: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Plus, it prepares girls for the work — and fun! — of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Why Participate?

As an integral part of a Girl Scout’s journey toward leadership, you will:

  • Learn and develop five key skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, Business Ethics
  • Earn startup funds for your troop activities
  • Create a personalized avatar that looks just like you
  • Earn exciting rewards & personalized patches that can be found on the order card
How to Participate

Girls may participate online individually or as a member of their troop with no training necessary!

Online sales: inviting friends & family to place an order through their personalized link and choose to have nuts, chocolate, or magazines items shipped directly to them or can choose to have nuts and chocolate items girl-delivered.

In-person sales: taking orders using the nut order card and collecting payments upfront prior to order placed or product placed.

Important Dates

09.10.2022 – Sweets & Treats Program Begins

10.16.2022 – Order Card Sales Ends

10.19.2022 – Online Sales Ends

11.09.2022 – Product and Rewards delivery to Community Product                        Managers start date. Check with your CPM to find out when                        local troop pick ups will be.

Earn Customized Patches

Crossover Patch

Paddle Patch

Care to Share


Our Care to Share items will be donated to Soldiers’ Angels. For each $7 donation, veterans and active duty service members, both at home and abroad, will be sent one can of candy/nuts. Every care to share order is applied to your troop's 15% proceeds. 

To enter paper orders for Care to Share on M2 Site:

  1. Go into girl’s site
  2. Click manage paper orders
  3. Scroll down to the last entry that says care to share
  4. Enter number of care to share packages

To order Care to Share items on girl's nut website:

  1. Enter girl’s site by using link and her unique code
  2. You can enter girl delivered or ship to me
  3. Scroll down to Care to Share box
  4. Enter number that you would like to order.



Resources for Girls & Volunteers


Who's my CPM?

Community Product Teams: 

Our Community Product Managers (CPM) and Village Product Managers (VPM) volunteers support each of their communities during the Girl Scout Cookie Program by providing valuable resources to leaders and acting as liaison between volunteers and Girl Scouts of Gateway Council Staff.

Community 2

Community 3

Community 4

Community 5

Community 6

Community 7

Community 9

Community 10

Community 11

Where can I find the guides for troops and parents?

Troop & parent guides were provided to your Community Product Manager (CPM) in early August. They have provided all of this collateral – including order card, etc. – to troop leaders. Troop leaders will be providing these documents to each member of their troop. Important documents are also located on this page under “Helpful Forms & Documents”.

Do we have to wait for Sweets & Treats to begin to see product details?

All product details have been provided to Community Product Managers (CPMs) and troop leaders and can also be found on this page under “Helpful Forms & Documents” as “Order Card”

When do troop product managers get access to M2?

Volunteer access links to the M2 website are sent out via email on the morning of 09/03/22.

Where do I find the virtual product program training?

Training is located on gsLearn, which can be accessed through MY GS.  Troop leaders can log in to MY GS and follow the link for gsLearn.

Will girls have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in Sweets & Treats and the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

As a 501C3 nonprofit organization and due to the independent, girl-lead nature of our product programs, we do not mandate girl physicals or shot records – including COVID-19. We do however, strongly encourage our members to practice important safety measures such as social distancing and mask wearing  and to oblige by our current best practices – found HERE on our website.

How does Knock, Drop, Retreat work? Is there any concern about products getting stolen?

“Knock, Drop, Retreat” is part of our contactless delivery option. While delivering products to their customers, girls will knock on their door, drop the products at the door and take 20 steps back, or “retreat”, to provide adequate ‘social’ distance for when the homeowner answers the door. If the homeowner is not home, or does not answer the door, then it will be up to the Girl Scout to either leave their products at the doorstep or deliver at another time. Girl Scouts of Gateway Council cannot guarantee the safety of products left unattended and will not take responsibility in the event of product theft or damage.

Can leaders have an avatar and account to help troops sell? Some of us don't have a girl in Girl Scouts any longer.

All product programs are girl-lead, which means GIRLS need to be the ones leading their business. However, we encourage all troop leaders to assist in their efforts by encouraging them and providing them new ideas and ways to help achieve their goals. All girls will have access to their online order links to help promote their online purchases Remember, we also encourage Troop leaders to start playing around in the M2 online platform prior to Sept 11th start date and if you create your personalized avatar you too will receive a FREE avatar patch if they create an avatar.

Is there an option for troops to forgo girl rewards to earn more proceeds? Is this available only to certain age groups, or is it for all girls?

FOR SWEETS & TREATS PROGRAM: Reward opt-out proceed information is on the Parent Guide sheet – which is with your troop leader and can also be found on this page under “Helpful Forms & Documents”

The decision to opt out is by all the girls in the troop.  They also must all sign the opt-out form located “Helpful Forms & Documents”. This form should be submitted to your local CPM before 10/16/21.  Absence of the form will change the troops opt out status to rewards.

How do you remove girls that are listed on the site that are no longer in the troop?

Please contact M2’s customer care department at 1-800-372-8520 or

What are the participation minimums per troop?

The participation minimum is 60% of active girls with at least $50 of sales.  Please note that the fundraising money goes to the troop, not the individual girls.   This is both GSUSA and GSGC policies.

Will we receive Receipt books?

There are not receipt books with this vendor this year.  You can print out delivery tickets for each girl after GSGC submits the orders.  Parents and troop leaders will sign that verifying they received the product listed.

If the girls prefer to only participate digitally, will we need hard copies of any collateral?

No, girls who prefer to only participate digitally do not need hard copies of the collateral.

What items are Gluten Free, and will allergy information be easy to find?

 Gluten free and allergy information can be found at

What program are we using for troop donations?

Our donations will go to the organization Soldiers’ Angels – they worked with us this past cookie season.

If someone orders from the girl scout’s digital link and they choose girl delivery, is the money collected at that time online or will the girl have to collect it at the time she delivers?

Payment is made for all online sales (including online girl delivered) at the time the order is placed. Customers pay for those items with a credit card.