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Program Opportunities

Ways to Participate

Cookies In Hand

This year, Gateway Council girls will continue with Cookies in Hand (a direct sale program) so they can offer cookies directly to customers right at the point of sale! Girls will also have the opportunity to take preorders with the order card beginning Jan. 1 to help ease the transition to selling only with Cookies in Hand.

Benefits of Cookies in Hand:

  • Less time consuming for Girl Scouts, families and troops.
  • It combines order-taking and delivery into one step with no back and forth in ordering and delivery attempts.
  • It offers girls more opportunities to increase sales and earn more proceeds.
  • Everyone receives instant cookie gratification!
Cookie Booths

Customers stop by troops' storefronts to purchase cookies for themselves or to donate. 

Pop-Up Booths

While we recommend reserving your cookie booths for the season, we encourage you to get creative with selling and try a “pop-up” booth. Set up a booth in non-retail, common spaces with heavy foot traffic like food truck courts, festivals or community sporting events. Troop leaders or product sales managers are responsible for getting permission from the manager of the space where they will be setting up their pop-up booth.
A pop-up booth doesn’t have to be a booth at all: Girls and volunteers can sell cookies from a wagon that they pull around, similar to a Walkabout.
If your troop decides to do a pop-up booth, please be respectful and share the space with other Girl Scouts if other troops are nearby. All safety guidelines must be followed.

Digital Cookie

It’s everything you already love about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, supercharged. The Digital Cookie platform allows you to customize the way you learn and earn, using technology in new and engaging ways, all while earning cool cookie business badges along the way. Learn more »

Walkabout Weekend

Girl Scouts will walk their neighborhood selling cookies door to door. This is a great opportunity to visit customers you might have missed in January — or to revisit customers who need to restock! Learn more »

Gift of Caring

During the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program, Gateway Council will support Soldiers' Angels with the Gift of Caring program. Gift of Caring allows customers to support military personnel by purchasing packages of cookies to be delivered to service members and their families through the Soldiers' Angels organization. Learn more »

Cookie House Party Weekend

During a Girl Scouts® Cookie House Party, girls come together under one roof to sell cookies by the case. With 12 packages per case, cookie sales add up fast! 

Girls can invite friends, families and all their favorite customers to tell their stories, declare their selling goals and what they plan to do with their cookie earnings.

The beauty of a Girl Scouts Cookie House Party is you can plan it to suit your needs! Here are some alternative ways to host your party: 

  • Instead of a house, host at a local school or community center. They’re often more central,and you cut down on clean-up time! 
  • Turn your party into a private booth sale with open house hours. Customers can stop by whenever works best for them and can come and go as they please.

Use these tools to make planning a breeze