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Resources for Entrepreneurs

Girl Scout Cookie Program Resources

Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals? 

Tools for Cookie Program Success

Little Brownie Bakers 
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers.
If you need materials to make your booth the best booth ever, download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at

Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business. 

What's New in 2022

Check out the cookie program updates for 2021-22, and stay tuned for more resources for this year's program!

Key Dates

Dec. 11 – Cookie Kickoff
Jan. 4 – Order Card and Digital Cookie Begins
Jan. 10 – Reward opt-out form due to CPM. Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops only.
Jan. 14 – Troop initial order/rewards due in eBudde
Jan. 17 – Early booth selection for Booth Incentive Program
Jan. 19 – Booth selection begins at 7:00 PM EST
Feb. 4+5 – Mega Cookie Drop: Initial deliveries to communities 
Feb. 7 – Cookie warehouses and cupboards open
Feb. 11 – Booth sales begin
Feb. 18 – National Cookie Weekend
Feb. 18 – Walk about Weekend
Feb. 23 – 25% ACH payment to council (reflects in account within 5-7 business days)
Feb. 25 – Walk about Weekend Picture Submissions Due
March 3 – 50% ACH payment to council (reflects in account within 5-7 business days)
March 18 – 75% ACH payment to council (reflects in account within 5-7 business days)
March 20 – In-person and Digital Cookie Sales End
March 21 – Allocate all cookies to girls in eBudde
March 23 — Final Rewards due in eBudde by 10:00 PM EST
March 23 – 100% ACH payment to council (reflects in account within 5-7 business days)
April 9 – REWARD EVENT: CEO Adventure- Dolphin Cruise- Pensacola
April 28 – Rewards expected to deliver to CPM. 
April 30 – REWARD EVENT: CEO Adventure- Dolphin Cruise- St. Augustine
May 14 – REWARD EVENT: Go-Getter Event Jax
May 21 – REWARD EVENT: Go-Getter Panama City
June 30 – Deadline to pick up girl rewards from CPM teams. 

Volunteer and Troop Tools & Resources

Forms & Documents
Warehouses & Cupboards

Troops can pick up additional cookies from a warehouse or a cupboard, whichever is most convenient for you! 

All times are local to the time zone where the warehouse or cupboard is located.


A-Turner Moving and Storage
1001 NW 53rd Ave., Gainesville, FL 32609
Open until: 

Suddath Warehouse
8743 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Open until: 

145 Four Points Way, Tallahassee, FL 32305
Open until:

Rewards & Proceeds
Girl Rewards

Click image to enlarge.

Troop Proceeds
Per-Girl Average Boxes   2021-22 Earnings
1-249   80 cents
250-349   85 cents
350-449   95 cents
450+   $1.05

December 2, 2021 Cookie Program Training

GSGC's Cookie Program Training will prepare volunteers to lead and support girls through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  You'll learn important program guidelines, tips and tricks and more - everything you need to help girls have a super successful cookie season!

This session will be a fast-paced, interactive presentation, providing key updates and information about the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program in Gateway Council. Look forward to an "Adventureful"  good time!

Who should attend? Troop Product Managers plus any additional volunteers who will be assisting with cookie season.

When: Thursday December 2, 2021

Time:  7:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST 

Cost: FREE


 Questions?  Contact us at or (877) 764-5237

Zoom Link will be emailed in the confirmation email to be sent on December 1, 2021.


Girl & Family Tools & Resources


Booth Safety and Best Practices  

Booth Safety
  1. Girl Scouts are required to abide by local health requirements and CDC recommendations. 
  2. Hand sanitizer or hand washing station in close proximity of booth must be available for girls and customers. 
  3. Use electronic payments when possible.
  4. Clean any pens or pencils after each use.
  5. All booth agreements must include COVID-19 statements.
  6. Keep money box secure, not on table within easy reach. 
  7. Always use the buddy system.
  8. Do not leave table unattended. 
Booth Best Practices
  1. Can no longer attend your scheduled booth due to a conflict? Drop the location in eBudde so others have the option to sign up!
  2. Standard practice is to leave at your end time so others can set up. A five minute rule is a good way to get the troop prepared to leave their location.
  3. Bring a copy of the booth agreement contract with you (on eBudde)
    1. This information will be located on the booth signup page for each business once you have signed up.
    2. If you are unable to find this please contact customer support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many of these questions were asked in the troop leader rally training, and some have some through social media and our customer care channels. These will be updated throughout the program, so check them out when you need more information — the answer is probably is in here!


Can leaders without girls in scouting get a copy of the Family Guide?
Of course! You can view and print a copy here , or email and we'll mail one to you.

When will we receive Troop Cookie Manager Manual and Family Guide, and when will we receive access to eBudde?
Volunteers receive the Troop Cookie Manager Manual when you pick up your cookie paperwork from your community product manager. The Family Guide has been mailed directly to Girl Scouts' home addresses. Access to eBudde will be given as volunteers complete training and sign the TPM agreement. When those steps are complete, volunteers will receive a welcome email with instructions. This process applies to both new troops and existing troops.

Which cookie apps should we encourage parents to download? Both eBudde and Digital Cookie, or just Digital Cookie?
Parents should defintiely download the Digital Cookie app! They do not have access to eBudde; only the volunteers who have signed a TPM Agreement have eBudde access. Parents can also find amazing resources on our website  and through Little Brownie!

COVID Safety
  • Girl Scouts of Gateway Council strongly encourages the use of masks when proper socially distancing cannot be achieved.
  • Hugs, handshakes, “high-fives,” and even activities like the friendship circle or squeeze can transmit COVID-19 from person to person. Refrain from these gestures for the time being. Create a safe way for girls and volunteers to greet and end meetings instead (like tapping elbows).
  •  Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched (i.e., table tops, markers, scissors, etc.). Use a household cleaner or see the EPA’s list of effective cleaners approved for use against COVID-19. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products (e.g., concentration, application method and contact time, etc.).
  • In the event of a COVID-19 positive test result,  do NOT contact the parents or troop members.  Promptly contact Gateway Council in this situation. 
Finances and Payments

Will money owed to troops be returned more quickly if the ACH takes more than we will owe at the end with transfers? Do we deposit everything to our troop account?
Any overpayment will be submitted for payment to your troop account at the end of the cookie program. You would deposit any money collected into your troop account before the payment due dates, and payments will transfer from troop account to council account.

When do customers pay: when they order or when girls deliver the cookies?
Payment is collected at time of delivery for preorders using the girl order card. When customers order through Digital Cookie, they pay at the time of ordering.

About the Cookies

Are we getting the new Adventurefuls cookie?
Yes!  This year, cookie-loving consumers across the country can get a great big taste of deliciousness and adventure with new Adventurefuls, the latest addition to the iconic Girl Scout Cookie lineup. 

Are the cookies kosher?
All Girl Scout Cookies baked by Little Brownie Bakers are certified as kosher dairy, except Thin Mint cookies which are certified Kosher Pareve. There is a small supply of Thin Mints on the market that are vegan but labeled kosher dairy. Thin Mint cookies are now labeled vegan as the dairy-based ingredients, which were the only animal derived ingredients, have been removed.

Are Girl Scout Cookies halal certified?
Yes. Starting with the 2020-2021 season, all Girl Scout Cookies are halal certified. For more information about cookie ingredients, meet the cookies to get all the details.

Digital Cookie

Will Gateway help with the cost of accepting credit cards?
GSGC will cover credit card fees when troops use Digital Cookie to accept credit cards. Digital Cookie has several new features to make payments easier: Troops can activate a link to use during booth sales and allocate the cookies later to the girls who worked the booth. The app also now has a scan feature to scan credit/debit cards without needing to type in the information or handle customers' cards, making the payment process quick and contactless. Payments are automatically credited in eBudde toward the amount you owe council.

When do digital sales start? I haven't received any info.
The Girl Scout Cookie Program kicks off Jan. 4; girls will take orders with Digital Cookie and the order card. Your community product manager has  paperwork for each troop and will schedule pick-ups prior to Dec. 11. Contact your CPM for more information.

How does payment work for Girl Scout Juliettes?
While Juliettes do not participate in Girl Scouts in the troop setting, the girls will be placed in "cookie troops" so GSGC staff can better support them during the cookie program. Juliette mentors whose girl wants to participate in the cookie program should email us at, and a GSGC staff member will be in touch with details.

Is there a way to stop Digital Cookie orders from asking us to personally deliver the cookies versus them shipping directly?
Yes. Parents can decline a girl delivery sale if needed. You are also able to turn off the girl delivery option so that customers will have cookies shipped directly to them.

For the digital orders that come over automatically do volunteers need to tell parents not to include that in their pre order counts?
Correct, parents do not need to include any Digital Cookie orders in their girl's pre-order counts. Volunteers with eBudde access will be able to see the cookies a girl needs to fulfill Digital Cookie girl delivery orders on the Girl Orders tab in eBudde. They will be automatically added to the order card preorders. 

Will girls have access to last year's contacts on Digital Cookie?
Yes, if the same email is used to access the Digital Cookie account.

Will there be any shipping deals for girls selling cookies only online?
The shipping charges are set by GSUSA and the shipping partner. Customers pay for shipping when they order; girls and troops are not responsible for shipping charges.

Is there an option for a girl to have two different parent accounts for Digital Cookie?
No. Each girl has one account tied to a specific email address. Currently there is not a way to associate to different parent emails with the girl account.

When will Digital Cookie be available to troop members?
Digital Cookie will be accessible to most members on Dec. 2. If you do not receive a welcome email, contact us at

When the general public requests a local Digital Cookie source and a troop link is provided, how is that link generated? Is it random? Is there a system in place to ensure that each troop in a zip code are given equal opportunity?
Yes. More information about the national program for sharing troop links with customers through the Cookie Finder will be released as the date for the program gets closer, but the troop links are generated randomly and there is a system in place to ensure that all troops with an active troop link are given equal opportunity.

When a customer orders through Digital Cookie, how long does it take to receive their cookies?
The shipping process begins as soon as the order is placed! Customers usually receive their order within 2-5 business days of when the cookies ship, although holiday volume could slightly increase that time.

Can a Digital Cookie troop link be tied to more than one zip code?
No, troop links are affiliated with one zip code each. However, the troop can share the link with customers everywhere!

Can parents refuse an order that is placed online for girls to deliver? 

Yes, parents can refuse any online girl delivered order.         

What do we do if a girl receives a large order that will cause a variety or varieties  of cookies to be out of stock?

If a girl is receiving orders which causes a variety or varieties of cookie(s) to be out of stock:

If the order is a shipped order:

The cookie will show as unavailable for shipping to all customers 

If the order is a girl delivered order:

Digital Cookie Instructions:

Parents will need to secure girl delivered cookies from their troop leaders.  If the leader or council cannot fulfill the order, troops, girls and parents should work in partnership to notify customers the order cannot be filled.   

              For Digital Cookie, additional options exist:

  • Council can disable girl delivery for that girl
  • Council can turn off a variety or varieties at the council level for girl delivery
  • Parent can turn off girl deliver for the girl (if council has enabled that option)
  • Parent can make a flavor or multiple flavors of cookies unavailable to her customers

How does a council manage refunds for prepaid girl delivered cookies  if council inventory is not available for fulfillment?

If an out of stock situation occurs (i.e. cupboards run out of cookies) causing customers to not receive their full order of girl delivery cookies follow these instructions to issue customer refunds.

For LBB Digital Cookie: Contact GSUSA Digital Cookie with information on customers that need full or partial refunds


How do Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops opt out of girl rewards?

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops that want to opt our of girl rewards in order receive higher proceeds can do so by signing and submitting the opt-out form to their community product manager before Jan. 6. The decision to opt out must be unanimous and each girl in the troop must sign the form.

Training and Support

Which training site do I use: VIP eTraining or gsLearn?
You should use gsLearn to complete your cookie training. All of the content of VIP eTraining (Little Brownie Baker-specific information) is housed on gsLearn, along with Gateway-specific trainings.

If parents signed the participation form for Sweets & Treats in the fall, do they need to sign again for cookies?
No. The product program participation forms are valid for both Sweets & Treats and the Girl Scout Cookie Program. If a girl in your troop did not participate in Sweets & Treats and needs a form, you can download a copy here.

Do troops get priority at the locations we help secure? 

Troop Booth Incentive

What is CPM, VPM and TPM?
CPM: Community Product Manager. These volunteers lead the Girl Scout Cookie Program in each GSGC community.
VPM: Village Product Manager. These volunteers provide local support to troops in each village within the communities. 
TPM: Troop Product Manager. These volunteers help the troop leader manage the cookie program for the troop and coordinate inventory, booths, additional orders and more with the girls.
The CPM, co-CPM and VPMs are essential to supporting troops through a successful cookie program and are the experts in all things cookies. You can find your CPM and VPM here.

Will volunteers get an email with the recording of the training?
The recording of the training will be uploaded to gsLearn to access at your convenience. 

Using eBudde

I'm new in the Troop Product Manager role. Will I be able to see previous years' data for the troop in eBudde?
Yes. Data in eBudde is tied to the troop, not an individual volunteer. If your troop's previous data isn't showing, please contact us at for assistance.

Can I add new troop members to eBudde?
Yes. Girls can be added to eBudde throughout the cookie program, until March 18.

I’m getting the error "No roles assigned" when I try to sign into eBudde.
Volunteers can access eBudde after you pick up collateral, complete training and sign a TPM Agreement. Contact us at for assistance.

When the individual orders are entered in eBudde, will girls be given the exact number of packages ordered or full cases?
Troops order cookies in full cases, and girls receive the individual packages from their Troop Product Manager.The remaining packages in the case can go into booth inventory or fulfill additional girl orders.

My Girl Scout was in a troop last year but is a now a Juliette; I'm her mentor. Will I have the same access to eBudde as a troop leader to see her information?
No. eBudde accounts are tied to troops, not individual girls. Juliette mentors will not receive TPM access to eBudde; girls are placed in a "cookie troop" for the duration of the program, and a GSGC staff member monitors and manages the troop's inventory and sales. Your CPM can see your girl's cookie program history.

Mega Drop/Cupboards/Booths

Will the initial cookie pick up (Mega Drop) be contactless or socially distanced?
Yes. As you pick up cookies, one volunteer per vehicle/troop will be asked to step out of your vehicle to count cases, at a 6-foot distance while wearing a mask or face covering. Cookie workers will then load the cases into each vehicle as safely as possible.

Are we going to be able to start selling at alternative booths the same weekend we pick up cookies? Last year there was a lot of confusion and rules on when we could start. 
Girls may begin selling cookies directly to customers as soon as they receive their cookies.They may hold drive-through, pop-up and virtual booths, as well as troop-sponsored booths, when they receive cookies. Council-sponsored booths begin Feb. 11. 

Will there be a 24-hour notice when ordering cookies from the cupboard or warehouse?
Yes. Troops should place a pickup order at least 24 hours in advance. This time helps us ensure accurate inventory and that the warehouse/cupboard workers are prepared.

Where would drive-through cookie booths be set up?
You can set up a drive-through booth in any parking lot with great exposure to potential customers! Troops should get permission of the business owner/manager ahead of setting up the booth.

Will there be a Girl Scout Shop set up at the Mega Drops?
No. A mobile shop will not be available, but you can preorder cookie-related items and have them delivered to the Mega Drops for pickup.

Did any troops earn a super booth this year? When will they be held?
No super booths were offered this year. All council-sponsored booths begin Feb. 11.

Can we set up pop-up booth at a privately owned business?
A pop-up booth can be set up at any non-retail location. Troops are encouraged to enter these booths in eBudde so they will be visible in the Cookie Finder. If the troops wants to set up a booth in a retail location, a booth agreement must be submitted to the CPM; these booths will also be in Cookie Finder. Booths of any type may not be held at adults-only locations, including breweries, liquor stores and dispensaries.

Can my troop set up a booth in an outdoor common area between several restaurants and businesses? Would that just count as a pop-up booth?
Yes, that would be considered a pop-up booth. Please request permission from the property owner/manager.

What if a "hot spot" location is a locally owned franchise, and the owner is a family member of a Girl Scout in our troop? 
Please contact your CPM for clarification in situations such as this.

Do troops get priority at the locations we help secure?

Booth Contract Incentive

We need your help ensuring girls get as many opportunities as possible to sell at booths! Know a local business owner? Interested in making calls to storefronts in your area? Please contact your Community Product Manager (CPM) to see how you can help us secure more booth locations for Girl Scouts near you! Plus, troops that secure ten booth locations receive one early booth pick!

Troop Booth Incentive

Media Guidance

Why are we changing online guidance for the Cookie Program?

Today’s girls are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. In keeping up with today’s digital age, we are excited to offer Girl Scouts more opportunities to utilize their digital marketing skills and ensure safety by offering programming that prepares girls for the future.

When does New Online Guidance go into effect?

Guidance went into effect on 1/1/2021 

Is there a new badge for the Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families?

Not currently.  It is essential for Girl Scouts to review and apply the tips that are included in the  Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families to make the most of their experience.

Some girls in my troop are not on social media.  Are they at a disadvantage?

Not at all! Using social media is just one of the many ways to promote their sale. Cookie booths, door to door, email invites and more are all a way for girls in your council to participate in the cookie program.

Will Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials be updated with New Guidance?

GSUSA  will be updating these documents to reflect the lift on Friends and Family. Please review Digital Cookie Pledge

Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge, Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing, and Girl Scouts’ Safety Activity Checkpoints for Computer and Internet Use and Cookie and Product Sales.

Will GSUSA post or repost individual girl links?

No. In order to ensure the Girl Scout Cookie Program remains girl-led and fair, GSUSA will not post or share posts that contain individual girl links.

Can councils post or repost individual girl links? 

No. In order to ensure the Girl Scout Cookie Program remains girl-led and fair, girls should do their own posting with the supervision of their parent or guardian. Councils should not share post that contain individual girl links. 

Can I submit individual girl links to be shared by GSUSA/Girl Scout Councils?

No. In order to ensure the Girl Scout Cookie Program remains girl-led and fair, GSUSA nor Girl Scout Councils will share one individual girls link.