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Coding for Good with Kids Can Code: Coding Basics - SA

Wed Sep 16, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Girl Program, STEM, Girl Scouts at Home
Senior, Ambassador

Learn with Kids Can Code! Earn your first Coding for Good badge writing JavaScript code using the Vidcode platform. Girls should use two devices (one for Vidcode and one for Zoom) to learn how to write and manipulate a text-based coding language JavaScript. Girls will complete the following code projects: Code a Video Portrait using JavaScript on Vidcode! Girls learn that JavaScript is made up of objects that have properties and methods, and functions that perform different tasks.

* Coding for Good: Coding Basics badge included at the conclusion of the program for every registered Girl Scout girl.
* This event is for 2020-21 registered Girl Scouts, and registered & approved adult volunteers.

Cost: $20/girl
Register by Sept. 15 at midnight.