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Mark your calendars!

GSUSA’s 55th National Council Session and G.I.R.L. 2020
October 21–25, 2020 | Orlando, Florida

Join us for the world’s largest girl-led event for girls and young women and everyone who supports them!
It's going to be one epic celebration.

National Delegates

Volunteers from Girl Scout of Gateway Council are invited to apply to be National Council Delegates. 

 Download an application (PDF)

The National Council is authorized to:

  • Elect the National Board of Directors and National Board Development Committee.
  • Amend the constitution.
  • Establish requirements for credentials.
  • Act on proposals.
  • Influence the strategic direction of the Movement by providing guidance to the National Board. 

Duties of a delegate:

  1. In advance of the National Council Session, each individual elected by the council as a voting member/delegate to the National Council takes personal responsibility to:
    all items on the agenda, including background information, and recommendations of the National Board of Directors;
    Attend briefing meetings conducted by the council; participate in council, board, and association meetings; and participate in council forums and focus groups, as requested;
    Obtain a broad array of the opinions of adult and older girl members from all parts of the council.
    Participate in teleconferences/webinars for voting members sponsored by the national organization.
    Engage in opportunities to discuss, learn, and share ideas across the Movement. 

  2. While attending the National Council Session, each voting member is responsible to:
    all business meetings and participate in the proceedings.
    Be fully prepared to participate in discussion and vote on all business items.

  3. Upon returning from the National Council Session, each National Council voting member/delegate is prepared to:
    Report at the council’s annual meeting, to the council board of directors, and the council’s constituency (if requested by council board chair/president and CEO) on the National Council decisions and the reasons for such decisions.
    Share insights on information gained at the National Council Session, if requested.
    Assist the council as it prepares to participate in the next National Council Session, if requested.
    Participate in teleconferences/webinars and other opportunities for voting members/delegates. 


To learn more about how your organization can participate in Girl Scouts national convention, email Emiley Hatten at