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Girl Scouts at Home

School might be closed, activities might be canceled — but Girl Scouting never stops! While your family practices social distancing, girls can still join in some of the programs you've all been looking forward to, all while keeping safe at home.

Join us as our program partners share STEM, financial literacy, physical activity, and outdoor programs. You'll meet our friends at Kids Can Code, Shiva Robotics, the St. Augustine Aquarium, Challenge Island, Bank of America, Code Camp Kidz, Grow Family Yoga, the Junior Ranger program at Camp Helen State Park, and more!

Girl Scout Programs

Register for these programs to work toward badges, Journeys and patches — all from home! Our partners will introduce themselves and the program on social media a few days in advance, and recordings of the webinars will be available for girls to view later in case they missed it. We'll post these as they're scheduled, even if registration isn't yet available. Mark your calendars!

Virtual Experiences

Explore your interests and expand your horizons by working on patches and badges! Be creative by completing the required steps at home or virtually with your troop.

Share what you learned with GSGC! You can send us your story, and share to social media with the hashtag #GSGC_AtHome — show us how you're staying connected!

It's a Bug's Life

Learn about bugs, investigate the bugs in your area, and make a poster to share what you learned! Badge earned: Brownie Bugs

Step One: Learn About Bugs

  • Did you know that the word “bug” refers to a specific kind of insect?
  • Learn more about bugs by watching this video.

Step Two: Explore

Step Three: Make a Bug Poster

  • Now that you’ve identified your bug, make a poster about it to share what you’ve learned. Include a drawing or picture of your bug, its name, and three cool facts!

 It's a Bug's Life (PDF)

Met Masterpiece

Take a virtual visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, then make and share your own masterpiece! Badge earned: Outdoor Art for all levels

Step One: Visit The Met

  • Use The Met 360 Project to explore spaces inside one of the three Met museums in New York City.
  • Use the #metkids map to explore different kinds of art housed at The Met.
  • What’s your favorite object? Why?

Step Two: Gather your materials and make art

  • Go outside and find objects like leaves, rocks, and flowers to make your own artwork. You could make your own version of something you saw at The Met, or come up with something all your own!

Step Three: Share!

  • Share your art with us!

  Met Masterpiece (PDF)

Found Poem

Gather inspiration, then make and share your own poem. Badge earned: Junior Scribe

Step One: Gather words

  • A “found poem” is a poem made from gathering words from the world around us and then using those words to make a new poem. 
  • Look for inspiration on the Poetry Foundation website
  • Once you’ve found 1-3 poems you like, you can either print them out and cut out the words and phrases you like, or write them down on pieces of paper or notecards. 

Step Two: Mix it up

  • Play around with the order of the words and see what new meanings you can create. You can add or subtract words. Play around with it until you see your own poem emerge.

Step Three: Share

  • Type your poem and share it with your GSGC community!

 Found Poem (PDF)

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

Explore the world around you through your five senses. Badge earned: Brownie Senses

Step 1: Sight

  • Find something white
  • Find something patterned
  • Find something tiny
  • Find something heart shaped
  • Find something long
  • Find five of the same thing
  • Draw a collage of everything you found.

Step 2: Sound

  • Find something that snaps
  • Find a soft sound
  • Find something that crunches
  • Find something loud
  • Find something that echoes
  • Play music with the sounds you found.

Step 3: Smell

  • Find a scent you like
  • Find something that smells sweet
  • Find something that smells like nature
  • Find something that smells stinky
  • Find something that smells spicy
  • Using what you found, have a family member close their eyes and guess what they are smelling.

Step 4: Taste

  • Find and taste something salty
  • Find and taste something sweet
  • Find and taste something sour
  • Find and taste something bitter
  • Find and taste something you’ve never tried before
  • Make a snack or two with the flavors you tasted.

Step 5: Touch

  • Find something bumpy
  • Find something slippery
  • Find something warm
  • Find something soft
  • Find something prickly
  • Find something smooth
  • Find something super cold
  • Make a “feel wheel” by putting each object you found onto a different spot on a plate or sheet pan. Have a family member close their eyes, touch an object, and guess what it is.

 Five Senses Scavenger Hunt (PDF)


Make your own stop motion animated film! Find characters, storyboard, build a set, and shoot your very own movie. Badge earned: Cadette Digital Movie Maker

You will need:

  • A phone or tablet and a tripod
  • Stop motion animation app (Stop Motion, StikBot Studio, I Can Animate, etc.)
  • A set
  • Storyboard
  • Characters

Step One: Brainstorm

  • What kind of story do you want to tell? Who will your characters be? A character can be anything from a leaf to an action figure to a blob of clay! Look around your home or backyard for characters that you will bring to life. 
  • How long will your animation be? Remember that film is generally 24 frames per second, which means that you’ll need 24 pictures for each second of your movie. A 10-second animation will be 240 pictures, and a 1-minute animation will be 1440!

Step Two: Storyboard

  • Storyboarding is an important step in the filmmaking process because it helps you plan your production and decide how your movie will look. Your storyboard can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like, but you should at least plan a beginning, middle, and end for your animation. 
  • Draw a visual for how it will look, and then write a description of the action.
  • Video resource on storyboarding is available here.

Step Three: Build Your Set

  • Your set should be a spot where your characters and camera can be set up without being disturbed for the entire time you’re filming. You can build a background for your characters, or just use a background that already exists in your home. 

Step Four: Action!

  • It’s time to set up the shot! Use a tripod to set up your phone or tablet so that it will stay still while you’re filming. Use your stop motion app to create your movie. It may take some experimentation before you get the hang of it, so be patient with yourself and have fun!
  • Video resource on production available here.

Step Five: Premiere

  • Share your movie (be sure to use #gsgcstopmo) and watch what other Girl Scouts created!



Badges and patches are available for purchase at

Is your business or organization interested in delivering a virtual program for Girl Scouts? We'd love to hear from you! Contact Jessica Henderson, senior director of programs, at