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Our Communities

GSGC Communities - Numbers

Gateway Council has transitioned to a community structure, designed to strengthen communication, create direct access to information and help deliver the best possible Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Our council serves 16 counties through seven communities.

In order to better serve the girls and volunteers residing in these counties, Gateway Council has added villages to our structure. Villages bring more localized support, events and mentoring to Girl Scouts across our council.

All community-hosted events are listed on the GSGC calendar. See what's happening!

Community Contacts

Community 2

GSGC Staff
Troop Support Specialist/Recruiter: Susan Patrick, (352) 871-7315,

Village 1 (Hamilton/Suwannee) Liaison: Melanie McLeod
Village 2 (Columbia) Liaison: Vacant
Village 3 (Bradford/Union) Liaison: Rebekah Elixson
CPSM - Cookies: Barbara Breitberg
CPSM - Fall Products: Latasha Donohue
GSLE Trainer: Barbara Breitberg
Camp Trainer: Barbara Breitberg
Treasurer: Barbara Fischer
Events: Rotates

Community 3

GSGC Staff
Troop Support Specialist: Antonette Johnson, (904) 421-3487,
Recruiter: Erin Zuback, (904) 861-0878,

Village 1 (Clay) Liaison: Edna Schaefer
Village 2 & 3 (Keystone & Putnam) Liaison: Erica Terry
CPSM: Holly Lucas
GSLE Trainers: Mary Ellen Olsen, Marlene Gray
Camp Trainer: Peggy Maskasky
Treasurer: Dawn Peavey
Events: Edna Schaefer

Community 4

GSGC Staff
Troop Support Specialist/Recruiter: Susan Patrick, (352) 871-7315,

Village Liaison (all villages): Michelle Gallo
Communications: Yessey Falero & Laura Dervinis
CPSM: Charlotte Pisano
GSLE Trainers: Michelle Gallo, Bobbi Reynolds
Camp Trainer: Bobbi Reynolds, Vickie Marcus
Treasurer: Bobbi Reynolds
Events: Roberta Guidice-Teller
Adult awards: Cindi Fields

Community 5

GSGC Staff
Troop Support Specialist: Brigitte Jones, (904) 652-1366,
Recruiter: Heather Persampieri, (904) 652-0086,

Village 1-2 (Ponte Vedra/210) Liaison: Alicia Strang
Village 3 (St. Augustine) Liaison: Shayla Thomas
Village 4 (Flagler) Liaison: Angela Winternheimer
CPSM: Eilene Pancrazio
GSLE Trainer: Debora McCarty
Camp Trainer: Angela Winternheimer
Treasurer: Kim Noce
Events: Dawn Geevers

Community 6

GSGC Staff
Troop Support Specialist: Leslie Magruder, (904) 421-3498,
Recruiter: Heather Persampieri, (904) 652-0086,

Village 1 (Beaches) Liaison: Laura Cauley
Village 2 (Mandarin) Liaison: Nikki Kutchler
Village 3 (Arlington/Southside) Liaison: Patricia Beeman
CPSM: Vacant
GSLE Trainer: Tanya Seals-Reed
Camp Trainer: Vacant
Treasurer: Melody Stallings-Mann
Events: Vacant

Community 7

GSGC Staff
Troop Support Specialist: Tori Tabbot, (904) 265-8015,
Recruiter: Krista Lamberti, (904) 388-4655,

Village 1 (Nassau) Liaison: Angie Lester
Village 2 (Northside) Liaison: Susie Plazz
Village 3 & 4 (Westside/Baker) Liaison: Amanda Dempsey
CPSM: Stephanie Keaton,
GSLE Trainer: Sheila Casey
Camp Trainer: Amanda Dempsey
Treasurer: Jeni Perry
Events: Vacant