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Delegates and alternate delegates serve as the primary communication link between area Girl Scout members, community networks and Gateway Council's Board of Directors. They also gather opinions about governance matters; elect board members, Board Development Committee members and national council delegates; and approve changes to the council’s bylaws.

Area Association Meetings

Area Associations are geographical groupings of communities for the purpose of conducting our governance.  Area Association meetings are held twice a year (fall and early spring) and are the method by which delegates gather feedback from the council’s general membership on governance issues. These could include things like overall strategic plans, properties, policies affecting Girl Scouts and more.


Annual Meeting

Each spring – usually in April – Girl Scouts of Gateway Council holds its Annual Meeting. At the meeting, delegates and council members are invited to listen to a “state-of-the-council” address by our board president and CEO, as well as vote on incoming board members, participate in feedback forums, and more.

Council Delegate Volunteer Position Description

Delegates/alternate delegates are the communication link between Girl Scouts of Gateway Council’s girl members, its volunteers, and the Board of Directors.
Elected delegate “voting” responsibilities with respect to the election of Board Members-at-large, Elected Officers, Board Development Committee Members, and National Council Delegates. Delegates also approve revisions to the Council Bylaws.
Delegates may be asked to provide input to the board on issues of policy and direction and to communicate board decisions with the Communities they represent.

Accountability & Term of Office
Delegates are elected by their Communities or, if a delegate at-large, appointed by the Board Chair. Any registered Senior, Ambassador or adult Girl Scout member residing within the boundaries of Gateway Council may be elected/appointed as a Council Delegate/Alternative Delegate.
The delegate term is for 1 year beginning in October and running to Sept. 30 of the current membership year. Delegates may be elected/appointed for up to 2 terms before a replacement must be selected/appointed.

Position Responsibilities


  • Attend Delegate Meetings.
  • Vote in elections for Board Members-at-Large, Elected Officers, Board Development Committee Members, and National Council Delegates.
  • Vote on bylaw amendments that may be presented.
  • Complete position training.

Communication and Leadership:

  • Facilitate the constructive exchange of ideas and viewpoints in the Delegate Meetings.
  • Participate in delegate forums, and provide information in a timely manner to the Board of Directors. Attend community meetings and articulate the views of volunteers, while respecting the Girl Scout democratic process.
  • Report information back to the Community constructively and positively.
  • Follow all GSUSA and Gateway Council’s policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Adult Delegates also hold the responsibility to mentor girl delegates, ensuring that they understand and have an opportunity to appropriately carry out their role.

Delegate Qualifications

  • Currently registered as a Senior, Ambassador or adult of Girl Scouts of Gateway Council.
  • Elected by the Community or appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • Willing to position council within jurisdiction for branding, funding, and partnership opportunities.
  • Understand the federated partnership and supports network alignment: One Council – One Voice in partnership with GSUSA.
  • Commitment to speak and act in a manner consistent with the Girl Scout mission, Promise, and Law.
  • Possess mature judgment, flexibility, and enthusiasm.
  • Practice welcoming and inclusive behavior toward people of all ages, races, religions, cultures, abilities, gender, educational, and economic backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Employees or former employees (part-time or full-time) are ineligible.

Delegate Benefits

  • Help girls become confident leaders who discover, connect, and take action in their community.
  • Gain knowledge about governance and policy-making processes.
  • Opportunity to sharpen facilitation and communication skills.
  • Opportunity to influence decisions which benefit all girls in Gateway Council’s jurisdiction and shape the future of Girl Scouts of Gateway Council.


National Delegates

National Delegates serve for three years and attend the National Council Session, a meeting of Girl Scouts nationwide, which happens every three years. They attend the session, elect the National Board of Directors and Board Development Committee, approve changes to the Constitution or Bylaws of GSUSA,  and vote on various proposals as representatives of Girl Scouting. They also generally participate in discussion in the run-up to the National Council Session in order to better represent the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council.


arrow3-right_32_greenBlue Book of Basic Documents

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Support Contact

Delegates and alternate delegates are supported by Governance Administrator Emiley Hatten. Contact Emiley at or (904) 388-9037.