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Member Guide for System Refresh

Supporting Girl Scout Volunteers and Member Households through Go-Live

A system refresh is coming to the Girl Scout volunteer tools you use — in December we'll go live with myAccount for all your Girl Scout needs and we want to make sure you're prepared!

Here you'll find a detailed schedule from now through Go-Live, a checklist you can use to prepare and information about what to expect in the new system. 

 Download a printable version of this guide. (PDF)

We're asking all volunteers and member households to be on the lookout for regular emails and updates throughout this period and look forward to supporting you throughout this transition. Members should watch for an email from Girl Scouts in early December announcing the debut of our refreshed member account management system, as well as updated login information and instructions for accessing your account.

As always, we're here to support you. If you need help at any point in the process, call us at (877) 764-5237 or email Thank you for your patience while we work to enhance your Girl Scout member experience.

Preview the new system

Join Gateway Council staff and volunteers to learn more about the exciting updates and improvements to Volunteer Systems! During this sneak peek, you'll get an early look at the enhanced features and hear about the timeline for implementing these updates. We'll provide details about "downtime" of the current system and what you need to know to keep your troop running smoothly.


VS 2.0 Calendar

System downtime

Starting Nov. 18, Girl Scouts will begin system-wide updates that will temporarily restrict the ability to complete many volunteer and member related tasks and pause access to:

  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
  • gsLearn (volunteer online training platform)
  • myGS
  • Background check completion and submission for processing
  • New membership registrations and membership renewals

Implementation timeline

  • Now through Nov. 17 — Go through the Member and Volunteer Checklist to make sure you're prepared. All systems will remain active and available during this time.
  • Nov. 18 — Downtime begins. Member platforms, including myGS, Volunteer Toolkit and gsLearn will be unavailable.
  • Dec. 3-7 — Anticipated go-live window. Newly redesigned experience will open to members.

Volunteer and member pre-downtime checklist

Be sure to complete these items if needed:

  • Sign into My GS to visit and review your account ASAP!
  • Submit trip applications for trips occurring between Nov. 18-Dec. 8 no later than Nov. 13.
  • Submit any new or expired background checks before Nov. 14.
  • Complete necessary trainings in gsLearn by Nov. 17.
  • Renew memberships and complete registration for new members no later than Nov. 18.
My GS Checklist

Parents/caregivers: In the new platform, all parents/caregivers must have a unique email address to identify themselves. To ensure a smooth transition for your family, follow these three steps to prepare for the new environment:

  • Sign into your My GS account.
  • Review the email address for your household. Are parents/caregivers in your household using the same email address? If yes, complete the next step.
  • Provide a new email address for each additional adult in your household.
Volunteer Toolkit Checklist

To keep your troop running smoothly, we recommend you sign into the Volunteer Toolkit and do the following prior to Nov. 18:

  • Download resources needed for troop meetings and activities scheduled for Nov. 18-Dec. 8.
  • Save and/or print your troop and family rosters.
  • Consider any non-meeting or activity needs you might have during downtime.
  • Reschedule any VTK trainings planned during downtime.
  • Save and/or print any programming in VTK to prevent gaps when the system is back up. GSUSA has indicated that year plans and meeting plans will carry over to the new system, but you're encouraged to save/print your plans in case you need to recreate them.