Fernandina Beach Little House
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Fernandina Beach Little House

Fernandina Beach Little House is located in Central Park, a public park within walking distance of downtown Fernandina Beach. The beach and Fort Clinch are a 5-minute drive away.

• Address: 25 S. 13th St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
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Troop camping prices*
• Overnight capacity: 20
• Make a reservation for Girl Scout members 

*Prices apply only to Girl Scout members. For questions about reservations, please contact Customer Care at (877) 764-5237 or customercare@girlscouts-gateway.org


Property description

The house is one large room with a front door and a back door, a separate kitchen and two bathrooms. Central heat and air. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator (no ice maker), stove, tall kitchen trash can, brooms and dust pan, mop, 5-gallon water cooler, three dishwashing buckets and two fire buckets. The house includes six folding tables, one non-folding table, 26 folding chairs and one box fan. Twenty mattresses are available to sleep on the floor. There are two fire extinguishers and a security/motion light on the front porch. The fuse panel box is located on the wall in the main room. The bathrooms have a toilet bowl brush and a plunger.

There is no fire circle and no assigned parking spaces. Tent camping is not allowed.

This property is only available to Girl Scouts and cannot be used for non-Girl Scout functions.


Considerations for all properties

• Household pets are not permitted on Girl Scout properties except for service dogs.

• Recreational vehicles (RVs) on camp properties for use in overnight accommodations are not permitted.

• Alcohol policy: Alcohol is never permitted on any Gateway Council property. 

• Smoking policy: All tobacco products (including vapor, dip, cigarettes, etc.) are to be used out of sight of all girls and no closer than 50 feet from their location.  All products must be placed in a fire-safe container (such as a can with water) prior to placing into the trash. Location must be clean of all tobacco products prior to rejoining the girls. The girl-adult ratio must be maintained in your absence.

• In the event a fire ban is enforced in the state or county, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council will adhere to the following procedure: There will be no open fires at North Fork Leadership Center and Camp Kateri. Campers may use the fixed charcoal grills or a self-contained grill with charcoal as long as it is kept inside the fire circle.

• Thermometers are available for each refrigeration unit. Chef-trained supervisors and/or camp-trained volunteers should monitor the temperature of the refrigeration unit upon arrival at camp and at least daily during camp stay. Notify camp ranger if temperature exceeds 40 degrees F. Ice chests or coolers for cookouts or temporary food storage should be monitored for safe temperatures. Any “potentially hazardous food” stored in ice chests may not be returned to the kitchen.